Samsung Delay The Release Of The Galaxy Fold

It was just a week ago that I and the rest of the internet was talking about how the Samsung Galaxy Fold is going to be a huge evolution for smartphones. Well no sooner had my fingers typed those words, Samsung went into defense mode and decided that the time was not quite right for the Samsung Galaxy Fold.

Samsung Galaxy Fold

It had been reported that some review units that had been sent out had some problems. Not to make light of those problems, but some people felt that many of the problems that were being reported were user error more so than a problem with the actual Samsung Galaxy Fold itself.

Pretty much any website or YouTube channel that had a Samsung Galaxy Fold review unit has done a piece about how Samsung has asked for it back. Samsung actually did release a statement and to be fair to them it does not sound like they are freaking out or are unsure about the Fold in general.

Samsung Galaxy Fold

“The launch has been delayed whilst we uncover the underlying factors to the few devices that malfunctioned.”

This is part of the statement that Samsung released and they did also say that all review units are being recalled. It will be interesting to see when the release date will now be. Samsung has said that those who have pre-ordered the phone will still be first in line. The Samsung Galaxy Fold has not been canceled, just delayed.

Release date of Galaxy Fold

So, if you have pre-ordered one, you will still get it. It is just a case of when that will be. Samsung has said that they are hoping to release a statement on this in the next couple of weeks which I think is fair enough. They have recalled these units to do durability tests on them so hopefully, this is all going to work out in the Samsung Galaxy Folds favor in the long run.

Of course, if this means that Samsung has to add some extra “meat” to the bones of the Samsung Galaxy Fold. You could possibly see the cost of the device rise a bit to account for this. I know that is not what anyone wants to hear right now as the Samsung Galaxy Fold is already the better part of two thousand dollars. I for one do not think this will be the case.

Galaxy fold Release Date

The last time Samsung had to recall a product was the disastrous Note 7. This was a PR nightmare for Samsung and the last thing they will want is anything related to that being brought up. To be fair to Samsung that is not the case here with the Galaxy Fold. It does appear that they are doing this with the consumer in mind.

It is going to be very interesting to see how this plays out. Many people were very excited for the Samsung Galaxy Fold and this news really does not seem to have deterred those who were dead set on getting one. Hopefully, Samsung can figure it all out sooner than later and the Samsung Galaxy Fold will still hit store shelved later this year.