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Google Pixel 3, Typical Notch Beating Professional cameras

MSRP: $799.00

Google Pixel 3 is a Smartphone with the best camera worth buying. It has an astounding camera and the aperture is software enhanced. The battery is a bit underwhelming, but the dual speakers with front-facing, a 5.5-inch screen is the smaller size best hand-friendly phone.

Google has launched the Google Pixel 3a and 3a XL as mid-range to high-end alternatives. The new phones have the features of Pixel 3 though the specs are a bit lower. However, Google Pixel 3 is the right choice of Smartphone camera today that is one-hand-friendly featuring a screen large enough to convince most people.

Best points in the camera

There is no need for you to look for a big pocket to put your phone now. Google Pixel 3 with dual-lens is bestowing to its software of machine-learning camera and consistency.  Google offers evidence of offering better photos with 12.2MP and this is possible due to consistency and machine-learning software used for the camera.

The Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL, the larger device can be regarded to be a Google Pixel 3 DSLR at the entry level. This phone has all the features required for a photo that is not available on professional cameras without changing lenses. There are 8MP two cameras as front-facing and the second lens is for selfies in wide-angle. It enables getting the entire group photos ensuring no one is cut out. Google Pixel 3 ensures better detail with photos than Pixel 2 and amazes the uses with its enhanced HDR.

New Google Pixel 3 and 3XL

The OLED screen is color-rich offering the 18:9 ratios.  The screen features the bezel and there are the stereo speakers on the front.  The Pixel 3 XLs is a typical notch cut out.

Google Pixel 3 amazingly is the perfect choice for people giving more attention to photo quality. The camera and Android AI Pie-powered smart of Pixel 3XL is a cream. Besides it is in an affordable range and is one-hand-friendly appearing as 2019 flagship models.

Additional features in the camera

  • Motion autofocus keeps the objects in focus moving.
  • The blurriness is adjustable and the portrait pictures focal depth is buried. Tapping at the bottom of the three toggle bars you can find in photos of the portrait. You can adjust the Depth slider by tapping or bringing up sliders so that the blur is changed.
  • The phone camera identifies objects and gives information about objects. You can take photos with 3D animated characters and AR stickers. The 3D characters can be placed through the camera in the real world and it is known as Playmoji.

Pixel 3 design: Refined

Pixel this year has a subtle design tweaking and there is polish added. The bezels are much slimmer and there is a texture of smooth matte as color variants. The phones feature a glossy lining and have a signature glass shade on the bottom corners on the back dips helping to perk the aesthetics.

The new Google Pixel 3 and 3XL is a much lighter iPhone to its counterparts in Galaxy. However, there is a plus point that though they are lighter, they are comfortable to hold and are sturdy. There is no doubt that the phones appear less extravagant in comparison to the rivals in the same line. Conversely, they do not give a cheap look to understate.

Though Google has made phones before with wireless charging, Pixel 3 is the foremost Pixel phone coming with wireless charging.

Other takeaways in design

Google’s design has come with wireless charging with the new Pixel line. There is no need to plug a cord. There is the facility of juicing up on any charging Qi-compatible mat. In fact, Google is also selling a wireless charger Pixel Stand. The lock screen of Pixel on charging to the cradle simply switches to the interface emphasizing the commands of hands-free voice. This gives quick access to music players, Assistant, and notification. Another bonus is you can set with photos a screensaver.

There are the earbuds coming as a bundled option. Google included the USB Type –C wired earbuds with Pixel 3 and left the headphone jack off for the first time. In fact, they are much better in comparison to the earbuds and they also fit snugly and comfortably in ears. Google, unlike Apple, is offering an adapter in the box for 3.5 mm headphones as standard.

Google Pixel 3 is water resistant and it is also rated as IPX8 such that it survives underwater for a meter or 3 feet for 30 minutes. Google Assistant also has the ability to silence an incoming call. However, reprogramming a gesture is impossible.

Of course, there is the fingerprint sensor is on the center-rear helping to unlock the phone. In fact, the location of the fingerprint sensor is rightly positioned in comparison to the Samsungs that is adjacent to the rear camera. However, Google just skipped a chance of embedding the sensor in a screen that is seen in the latest iPhone-like the Face ID method or the OnePlus 6T.

Getting everything in a package is tough and Google Pixel 3 is falling short of battery, though the tests give evidence of the phone running all day with conservative use.  However, snapping in two hours around 100 great photos means the battery life is certain to drain. There is no slot for microSD card and it means you are stuck with 64 or 128GB.

New Google Pixel 3 and 3XL

Design features

The Pixel 3 has retained its two-tone familiar design with the glass top shining and the lower has a matte finish to 80%. The two textures offer a seamless transition to offer a high-quality feel and look, but on the whole, it has not made a dramatic change.

It fits in a hand and can be operated with one hand. Pixel 3 has big screen size than Pixel 3 XL and the hand-feel is manageable. This fact is appreciable and it does not have at the top any ugly notch, making it a deal breaker design choice.  Pixel 3 also lacks the punch-hole design that is apparent in the Honor View 20.

The Pixel 3 series appear as its predecessor but has different materials. This is pointed out because the entire back has Corning Gorilla Glass 5, the soft-touch glass.  The same strengthened glass shields the front screen as well and is sandwiching a hybrid coating aluminum frame. In fact, this is the only metal that is found on this phone outside.

The design featuring all-glass in Pixel 3 is susceptible to damage. However, the glass enables wireless charging and LTE better connection. This is the reason there is aluminum-back lacking in the flagship phones this year. The Pixel 3 can be regarded to be the latest causality phone design. The wireless charging is a welcome change and a new feature that Google has emerged with and along with its devices is the Pixel Stand wireless charger.

With rounded edges, Google Pixel 3 appears less boxy in comparison to the earlier Google phones.  It is a flagship device offering the front-facing dual speakers. The Active Edge allows squeezing the phone sides and Google Assistant is ready.  This mechanism of squeezing refers to a dedicated AI button that is located on the frame and it is not a volume down button.

As Pixel 3 features USB-C earbuds, there is no standard headphone jack of 3.5mm and without a microSD card slot, the issue is with storage configuration that keeps the user restricted to 64GB and 128GB.

Screen and bezels

Google Pixel 3 features an OLED 5.5-inch screen. It is expansive and big offering a smaller 5-inch display. The screen of Google Pixel 3 looks richer in comparison to Pixel 2. The specs reveal more pixels per inch, though the screen is expected to be taller. It means the pixels are spread over extra screen. The bezel is also noticeably less. The disappointment regarding the bezel in Pixel 2XL is now fixed with Pixel 3. Now it looks beautiful with front-facing dual speakers and without the cut out of a deep notch.

Three cameras

There is no doubt that Google Pixel 3 is marginally better.  The 12.2 MP-camera in Google is consistent, shaper offering brighter photos than the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and iPhone XS cameras. In fact, the noise is also less to its earlier version Pixel 2.

The wow factor is the machine-learning software offering the single-lens camera on the rear the advantage. The perks of this new software are the Top Shot that helps to avoid closing of eyes. In fact, the Night Sight helps taking nighttime pictures even in low-light shots with Google Pixel 3. Google’s aim of eliminating the photo-distorting flash is also done comfortably.

There is the Super-Res Zoom helping the telephoto lens to use the backend software so that there is the digital zoom improved. The camera captures optical image stabilization and 1.4-micron pixels to act as a difference maker. 

Selfie cameras

The consistency is available with the 8MP front-facing cameras. They look reliable photos with less noise and better HDR. There is 75-degree normal field of view in one camera and the other has a 97 degree wider view field.

The selfies wide-angle is effective to the extent that the secondary lens in Google works as its Selfie camera for groups. Thee wide-angle photos of Google are certainly better, though there are a few caveats.

Remember to hold your phone in the right way. Holding it wrong will give unflattering photos as some funhouse mirror. Use Google Pixel 3 and take wide selfies and you are sure to earn a merit badge.

The Pixel 3 shoots 4K video featuring optical image stabilization (OIS) as a mix with electronic software stabilization. Here, everything looks smooth.

Battery life

The Pixel 3 is equipped with a 2,915mAh battery, bit smaller than expected. This is a downside, but with conservative use, it can work all day. Even with normal use, you may need to charge only by night or the end of the day.

The advantage is the Android 9 Pie-software offering the required juice working behind the scenes with adaptive settings of battery. It limits the app’s power and is a perk to Android Pie phones. The charger 18W returns to charging speeds and the best part is its fast wireless charging that can be charged using any Qi charger.

Android Pie and apps

All the Pixel phones now have Android 9.0 Pie and the update is in Pixel 3 and 3XL. This comes with varying gestures attached. There are the tapping features same as the iPhone XS as the home button bottom bar, sending you home. At the same time swiping up open the recent new menu and you can switch between apps. The app drawer is revealed on swiping up and the back button works normally.

Getting used to these changes may take some time, but it is effective. Google Pixel 3 is not a painstaking device, but there is a need for some time to adjust with muscle memory.  The notification and time icons may look the best, while the Android software features notched displays.

Essentially, the slider features a smaller on-screen button to toggle silent, ringer or vibration. There are fewer issues with the screen rotation and this is a meaningful change to the new software. The tools behind-the-scenes are groundbreaking. The adaptive brightness settings and battery life ensure worry-free apps closing adjusting brightness and saving battery life. The machine-learning software in Google does attend to your learning behaviors and considering the environment.


The Google Pixel 3 in a tight package is offering a lot than other flagship phones. The 12.2MP rear camera is the chief delivering better photos and consistently usable photos. Every time Pixel 3 delivers the best pictures.

The group photos also come very well. However, forget the battery additional life with Pixel 3. This phone Pixel 3 is larger to Pixel 3XL. You will find Google Pixel 3 offering one-hand-friendly good grip. It is also at a cheaper price than other flagship phones. Enjoy the best camera in this Smartphone that is not with any other phone today.

Google Pixel 3, Typical Notch Beating Professional cameras

Front Line:

Google Pixel 3 is a Smartphone with the best camera worth buying. It has an astounding camera and the aperture is software enhanced. The battery is a bit underwhelming, but the dual speakers with front-facing,...

MSRP: $799.00