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OnePlus 7 Pro, a flagship grade offering better phone experience

MSRP: $799.90

OnePlus is changing and is focused on selling a Smartphone with one flagship-grade Android phone that is now amazingly available at half the price of powerful flagship phones from Apple and Samsung.

The company is gaining popularity steadily and now in the United States is the fifth Smartphone largest seller. The new OnePlus 7 Pro delivers innovation and OnePlus 7 Pro is ready to give a phone better than the big name phones of Apple and Samsung.

Inside the box

  • The device OnePlus 7 Pro
  • See-through Silicone case
  • Warp Charger 30-Watt
  • OnePlus stickers
  • Red USB-C to USB standard cable
  • Sim tool
  • A letter from OnePlus CEO and User Manuals



OnePlus 7 Pro is a foremost big phone coming to notice. The OnePlus phone’s size is larger giving a look similar to iPhone XS Max or Galaxy Note 9. It is bigger and is not away from ordinary, but is relatively larger to OnePlus earlier phones.

With respect to design, OnePlus phones feature tapered edges than having a flat screen. The phone features a metal frame and is in glass giving a solid feel as expected of some premium device. To the left are the volume buttons, while to the right are the power key. There is a useful addition to the right, the switch AKA mute alert slider.

The OnePlus 7 Pro new device is in two colors a classic black Mirror Gray edition and Nebula blue having a gradient on the backside. The gold model referred to as Almond is the third model and it will be in a restricted edition.

OnePlus 7 pro has the feature of official water-resistance. This phone is water-proof actually and has no official rating costing extra.

Face Unlock and Fingerprint Scanner

The OnePlus 7 Pro comes with an embedded fingerprint scanner on the screen. This is an optical one and the screen lights bright up for a moment to illuminate for the fingerprint scanner to read. This technology is a cool one and works better than its earlier OnePlus 6T version.

With the new OnePlus 7 Pro, the fingerprint reading is fast, flawless, and accurate. It is fairly good as a traditional fingerprint reader. Yet, it is better to the Galaxy series ultrasonic fingerprint reader.

There is the face unlock picture from OnePlus phone. It works as a pop-out funny camera surfacing each time that you wish to unlock your phone. The feature of face-unlock fails to work in low light, but otherwise, in day times, it is a breeze.

Haptic feedback

OnePlus is taking the haptic feedback with concern. The OnePlus 7 Pro is taking the experience seriously now and is featuring a vibration motor providing haptic feedback. This experience is felt from the keyboard to notification and calls vibration.


OnePlus offers a stunning AMOLED screen in 6.7” offering impressive 90Hz smoothness.  OnePlus has offered truly an all-screen that is uninterrupted. The bezels are minimized and the notch removed.

It offers an uninterrupted edge-to-edge experience. This is a gorgeous display offering a resolution of 1440 x 3120 Quad HD pixels that features lively, brilliant colors and it looks highly sharp.

Connectivity and Internet

The OnePlus 7 Pro comes equipped with 4G LTE bands.  It is sold across the globe either via T-Mobile or as unlocked.

The OnePlus 7 Pro is planning to offer a 5G model such that it will be compatible in the UK, but right now the device is not 5G supported.

New OnePlus 7 Pro delivers innovation


OnePlus 7 Pro phones have decent cameras and this is the basic flaw. However, this time, they have worked on the camera set up to get on the back three cameras and on the front, there will be one camera. The specs will feature:

  • 48Mp as the main camera
  • 16MP as the ultra-wide camera
  • 8MP as the 3X telephoto camera, and
  • 16MP front camera


Image Quality

OnePlus has eventually delivered a camera as expected. The camera allows taking good images; it is fast in all conditions. The photos appear realistic offering a balanced exposure. There is no need for nasty oversharpening. If you are looking for realistic photos, you will not be disappointed. You can capture an image and make it appear shareable and good.

New OnePlus 7 Pro delivers innovation

OnePlus 7 Pro does offer a good effect but not the ‘Wow’ effect that the Galaxy S 10 + offers to make the image pop.

As there are three cameras shooting at three focal distances, there is true versatility. The weakest performer is the ultra-wide one. This drawback is similar to all other phones. The colors on ultra-wide looks worse on the main camera appearing less lively and far colder, featuring much less detail. This camera in good light conditions does capture some of the interesting shots.

The telephoto lens 3X zoom performs the best when there is enough light. It allows getting close-up shots and a good quality photo with nice colors. Of course, the telephoto lens makes more noise while taking shots. The 3X zoom is of immense use in focal distance.

A brilliant idea is that OnePlus uses the feature of a telephoto lens to get portraits. The right focal distance is the portraiture and from this distance, faces appear well-proportioned, symmetrical. In the portrait mode, OnePlus 7 Pro offers incredible results.

Undoubtedly, the front camera also allows taking a selfie. It supports the mode of a portrait. Oneplus 7 pro does a great job with the main camera at night. The images are detailed and sharp offering highlights even in photos taken in low-light. Again, all three cameras can be used in low light conditions.

However, only the main camera has real quality and it is acceptable from telephoto as well. 


The Night Scape feature is new and it works at different exposures such that it allows capturing a few shots. It presents a combination to get more color with a brighter image. The Night Scape did not undergo a serious test mode.

The Night Scape feature works by capturing a few shots at different exposures and quickly combining them into one. This enables getting a brighter image with more color.

A few images taken using the NightScape mode do not turn to be a disaster. In fact, it also comes out good, but you may identify a few details missing and there may be a visible blur in the image. Thus, the colors are less sharp and instead pop out more. In fact, these photos appear great on a smaller screen.

New OnePlus 7 Pro delivers innovation


This is the killer feature that OnePlus 7 pro offers. There is a specialized gaming phone that offers a refresh rate of 90 Hertz.  The actual meaning is that refreshing 90 times in a second is given with every second and it is basically different from the 60 hertz of other mainstream phones.

This ensures every scroll, every swipe; every movement appears responsive and faster in the interface.

There is no need for an expert to give a difference. All you need is getting used with each interaction with this new speed standard. Once you are used to this speed, you cannot enjoy any other traditional display.

There is a new standard set for Smartphones and it is impressive to consider the fact that the phone price is also less in comparison to their rivals.

This new feature in OnePlus 7 pro 90Hz refresh rate is by default enabled and this is apparent from the moment the phone is set up. However, the battery gets drained faster a bit. Conversely, reverting to 60Hz the traditional refresh rate is also possible in the settings. Nevertheless, it is recommended to enjoy this phone at 90Hz as full capabilities.

The screen offers a flat display and tapers at the edges. There is subtly curved screen and the curvature is bigger even on Galaxy S10 giving a look similar to the Huawei flagship phones. Using the phone for a while means the curved screen appears convincing. However, it is also the phones bigger downsides to getting accidental touches. This also may be a bit annoying.

Functionality and Interface

The OnePlus 7 Pro is equipped with Oxygen OS, the company’s custom, a minimalistic interface of Android 9 Pie on top. This is a light skin that looks good and is also fast considering the software updates.

The interface needs improvement in one thing and it is the gesture navigation. The gestures are right now on the phone bottom cramped and it is not regarded as convenient. This is because most users tap the wrong button and to get back from there each time.

Google has now shifted for Android 10Q for navigation. Thus, there is a need for OnePlus 7 pro to ensure this happens.

Oxygen OS, what is new here

There is a need to know what will be new in Oxygen OS:

  • Screen recording: This is a feature that allows you to record your own screen and this feature of screen recording is not available in stock Android.
  • Zen mode: You can now avail a time-out for 20 minutes from the app lifestyle and notifications. However, you can make important calls through even after the time taken with notifications.


OnePlus 7 Pro phones have all the familiar features on board, though the gaming mode is now known as Fnatic mode. The gaming mode is improved now that players can play a game and also avert the notifications.

The advantage is that the performance stays optimized, while the notifications do not hinder your game and go through smoothly over the important calls.

The filters of Night Mode filter the blue light so that it is easier on the eyes. In fact, the mode of reading turns into grayscale and it is of immense help as you read long texts.

There is the dark mode that is especially for night owls that turns into black all backgrounds. Thus it offers better experience as the lights go off.

New OnePlus 7 Pro delivers innovation

Processor, Memory, and Performance

OnePlus 7 Pro is the fastest Android phone. In fact, the shipped OnePlus 8 Pro phones have the fastest chips. The OnePlus 7 Pro is most powerful in the market as Android chip. It also has the combination perfect with Snapdragon 855 that is coupled with a whopping RAM of 12GB or with 6 GB or 8GB.

A feature of OnePlus 7 Pro is of great importance. It offers the fastest and newest memory as standard. In fact, this is the foremost phone using the flash memory UFS 3.0 so that it allows fast reading and also writing with speed over a phone.

There is also another attractive feature known as ‘sequential reads’. It actually means this phone can load huge or immense files such as games and also scrub via movies really faster in comparison to rivals.

OnePlus 7 Pro combines all little optimizations maintaining a separate division so that every millisecond gets rid of any reason caused due to phone lag. You will observe an experience that is zippy indeed and will be pleased to see everything flies without any lag or stutter. Thus, it offers evidence of being the fastest Android phone ever used, sparing no other phones.

As with the practice of all other phones, the OnePlus 7 Pro also does not offer the microSD card support as a traditional practice followed. This practice is in on all the OnePlus phones and of course, there is no exception for the new OnePlus 7 Pro that features built-in storage that does not facilitate expanding. Eventually, it means you get what you buy to use.

OnePlus 7 Pro, a flagship grade offering better phone experience

Front Line:

OnePlus is changing and is focused on selling a Smartphone with one flagship-grade Android phone that is now amazingly available at half the price of powerful flagship phones from Apple and Samsung.

The company is gaining popularity steadily and now in

MSRP: $799.90