Motorola One Review

Motorola is one of the brands popular for producing smartphones. The brand has produced Motorola One with the latest and advanced features to entertain you. It is now available for sale in US and other markets with updated Android 9 Pie.

Motorola One Software


Motorola One has an advanced version of Android that rapidly updated after some time. The model also gets updated faster. Users simply need to push the updates to work smoothly and faster. Motorola has added various customizations to set itself apart from the normal software in the market.


The phone is backed up with a standard 4GB RAM and 64GB storage that can be expanded by up to 256GB by paying additional amount. Also, you can have access to unlimited photo storage from Google as well. However, benchmark scores are great here. The gaming is affected by hardware that usually gives error while downloading Asphalt 9 and PUBG. Moreover, according to some people it takes 15 seconds to at least download a game which I believe is not a long time. So, the performance is not great but works fine for everyday tasks.

Motorola One Performance


The design is glass-backed with an attractive black glossy finish, which is unusual under a good price. It comes with vertical camera arrangement, just right above the Motorola logo. The logo is styled in a unique way to highlight the brand. The phone is slim and lightweight that makes comfortable for people to carry it. It actually feels a bit smaller than holding a large screen.


The phone features a headphone jack along with NFC. It also has dual sim option, so it can operate any two sims at a time. This would solve the problem of keeping two phones for two different sims. Less hassle, less additional expenditure! However, the dual SIM uses has “smart learning” to predict which SIM card you would want to use based on your historical usage.

Motorola One Features


The phone has a rear camera with 13MP f/2.0 lens supported by 2MP depth sensor. This allows for portrait mode shots. The front “selfie” camera is 8MP and has average performance. The amazing fact is, Motorola used its own camera app for interesting features rather than buying from Android. It would give you the option of different color filters. So, the cinema graph effect lets you to create a photo with moving element.

For instance, you might have a scene of a waterfall that is falling in its motion though everything else around is frozen.

However, the bad part is, it lacks the details when you zoom in the camera. As the picture is blurred out due to the lack of optical stabilization. Also, it doesn’t give the best results in low-light.

Motorola One Camera


Motorola sells at competitive price which I believe is worthy for the features it is offering. Nevertheless, you should check our reviews to get a better image.