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iPhone 11 Pro Review – A Big New iPhone Soon to Come!

MSRP: $999.00
Top-Notch Triple Camera in Rear. Faster & More Potent than Previous Models. Superb Battery is Set to Surpass Expectations
No Information About RAM or Battery. Screen Size is not The Best
Bottom Line
With so many exceptional qualities to consider – the 11 Pro is set to change the whole smartphone market.

Set to release in the 20th of September of 2019, the iPhone 11 Pro is probably the most awaited model in the whole Apple catalog.

While there’s the small iPhone 11 and the large iPhone 11 Pro MAX – it is this one that many people are waiting for. And here, we’re going to explain why.

In this iPhone 11 Pro review, we want to go over the different quirks and features of such a fantastic model that takes performance, design, and overall durability to another level.

Just like almost all other iPhone release before, this one is set to surpass expectations. And after getting a good look at what it offers – you won’t have any doubt about it. Here’s why:

iPhone 11 Pro Specs


  • Body: 188g at 144 x 71.4 x 8.1mm with IP68
  • Display & Screen: 5.8-inch at 2436 x 1125 (458ppi)
  • Rear Camera: 12MP + 12MP + 12MP
  • Front Camera:  12MP
  • OS (Software): iOS 13
  • Storage: 64/256/512GB
  • Memory: Not disclosed
  • Chipset: A13 Bionic
  • Battery: Capacity not disclosed (4 hours more durable than XS)
  • Connectivity: Lightning Connector
  • Misc.: Face ID, Wireless Charging, Fast Charge


Design & Features

While the iPhone XI release date is not yet here – we can easily say that this model looks remarkable. You will see how much work Apple put into it at first sight.

The first thing you’ll notice is a symmetrical bezel with curved borders. Its round angles and the superb size make it an almost flawless design that you will quickly get in love with.

But the front and sides are not only what stands out, but the interesting rear part with a matte finish. In contrast with previous models, this one is a little more serious and less glossy, which adds that touch of quality that demanding users always appreciate.

Another difference from its predecessors would be the Apple logo, this time located on the center of the back, and not in the top part. This pairs up well with an elegant wording which gives a slightly more stylish touch to the phone.

The most outstanding feature is not the color or the place, but the camera. You will get three camera lenses that will undoubtedly change how you perceive the phone. It won’t be the most aesthetically enticing model out there, but it still manages to add some gloss with the background under the lenses.

As for the features and buttons, you won’t be disappointed either. You will get the volume button on the right side – for fast tweaking. And then you get the Power/Lock buttons on the left side, just below the Lightning Port which lets you hook it up with any charger.

All of that goes well with a stainless steel band with a stylish design on the borders. It will match any of the color options you’ll get with this phone, including Gold, Midnight Green, Space Grey, and Silver. But the real advantage comes from the ability to allow submersion for up to 2 hours without problems.

Display & Screen

The new iPhone 2019 does not deliver a lousy image either. You will get a Super Retina XDR display and OLED screen – bringing exceptional brightness and color richness to any imagery.

You can watch movies, videos, photos, and the most fantastic animations without losing a single touch of quality. From HDR 10 videos to Dolby Vision movies to the highest-quality 4K images – it won’t leave any of the amazingness behind.

Of course, the screen size is enough for that thanks to its 5.8-inches of size. You won’t get the most giant screen in the market, but it will be enough to deliver an exceptional resolution of 2436 x 1125 that lets you enjoy superb quality at all times.

Of course, it all comes down, again, to its fantastic design. Following the seamless & flat surface the iPhone 7 delivered a few years back, you can now pleasure yourself in a much more colorful and bright display. If you love enjoying phones for their image quality, then this one will surpass your expectations.

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Camera & Battery Life

Another great feature of the iPhone Pro 11 that we couldn’t leave behind is the camera. As you should know by now, there’s a massive difference that this model boasts when compared to its predecessors, coming mainly from its triple-camera addition.

But it not only different from previous iPhone models, but also from the standard iPhone 11 – which is a huge advantage that you can take for just a few hundreds more.

What does this triple camera offer? Easy – 12MP on each lens for wide-angle, an ultra-angle, and a telephoto lens. Each one offers its own set of exceptional results that any photo-taker, video-shooter, or filmmaker will love to the max – especially for getting different shots, zooms, and overall quality.

But this phone is not just about the overall quality of the image, but also about the features, you will get. Here, you can find an unbeatable Night Mode that’s supposed to improve overall low-light shooting exponentially.

Along with its Night Mode, you also get a Deep Fusion capacity, which allows you to take several photos at the same time using all the computational capacity of the phone. And this is not nearly half of what the camera offers, as you’re also getting superb effects for all kinds of results, and a magnificent Haptic Touch feature.

Let’s not forget you also get a 12MP True Depth front camera that lets you shoot high-quality photos but also 4K video if needed. And sure enough, you can even take pictures and video at the same time which is an exceptional addition to this phone.

Add the unique image stabilization and top-notch editing software, and you’ll get enough to make yourself a better filmmaker.


That doesn’t end there, though. The iPhone 11 Plus also brings a much more durable battery when compared to its previous models. In fact, it is supposed to offer up to 4 hours more of usage time than the iPhone XS – which was supposed to last 10 hours a day without problems.

The battery will be a piece of cake to charge as well, especially with a Fast-Charge feature with the 18-watt accessory, allowing you to get rid of low battery problems in just minutes.

While there are no clear performance results of this iPhone yet, there’s a huge chance it will outplay all the previous models by a considerable margin. Just 1 hour of more power per day will be enough, but this one is probably going much further than that.

Software & Processor

Finally, there’s no more important factor to consider about the iPhone 2019 11 than its processor and software. Both are undoubtedly good, which will surely make your experience with the phone a total pleasure.

It all starts with the iOS 13 – the new software that’s supposedly much faster, easier to use, and reliable in its entirety. If you are an iPhone user, you’ll know how much Apple has been improving in the past few years – but the iOS 13 is set to come even more powerful & user-friendly than previous versions.

But the colossal benefit will not come from its software, but from the A13 Bionic chipset. It will surpass its competition in every way (according to Apple), and it will get its CPU, neural processor, and even GPU to go over previous years’ marks.

Along with its excellent software and chipset, you will also get 64GB up to 512GB of storage if you want.  And despite not saying how much RAM the phone will come with, we expect no less than 4GB.

In short, you will have a phone powerful enough to match any low-quality Chromebook or budget laptop. In some cases, you may even find this phone way more potent than that.


Bottom Line

So, are you impatiently waiting for the iPhone 11 Pro just as we are? You probably are – and for a good reason. This phone is undoubtedly going to change how we perceive iPhones and will make Apple surpass sale expectations for sure.

And it is still not the highest-quality iPhone 11 version out there – that’s how much Apple went in this year with its phone. If you are a top Apple fan, then you’ll probably adore this phone – so pre-order it now and you will very likely not be disappointed.

If this iPhone 11 Pro review was helpful, we would appreciate it if you could pre-order or buy the phone directly from our links. That will help us keep the blog going and maintain the high-quality content you’re looking for.

iPhone 11 Pro Review – A Big New iPhone Soon to Come!

Front Line:

So, are you impatiently waiting for the iPhone 11 Pro just as we are? You probably are – and for a good reason. This phone is undoubtedly going to change how we perceive iPhones and will make Apple surpass

MSRP: $999.00
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