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iPhone 11 Review – The Phone that Comes to Break the Market!

MSRP: $699.00
Best Price ever For a New iPhone. Exceptional Camera Quality. Unbeatable Performance with A13 Bionic.
No Information About RAM or Battery. Thicker Design than Previous Models.
Bottom Line
With Apple phones, we can’t ever expect less than amazing results, designs, and overall quality. Sure enough, the iPhone 11 will not be an exception.

Apple never disappoints with its yearly deliveries since it started releasing its iPhone models. With every year that passes, we come to be astounded by the overall quality and superb speed of improvement that Apple brings.

In this iPhone 11 Review, we’re going over the soon-to-come release this month which will probably break the market once again. With powerful hardware and one of the sleekest designs in the market, we’re sure the iPhone 11 is not an option to overlook.

If you are an Apple lover, you know what we’re talking about. So we invite you to take a look further into the cheapest iPhone 11 model and how it is still better than all of its competition:


iPhone 11 SPECS

  • Date of Release: September 20th of 2019
  • Body: 194g at 150.9 x 75.7 x 8.3mm with IP68
  • Display & Screen: 6.1-inches at 1792 x 828 HD LCD
  • Rear Camera: 12MP x 12MP
  • Front Camera: 12MP
  • OS (Software): iOS 13
  • Storage: 64/128/256GB
  • Memory: Not Disclosed
  • Chipset: A13 Bionic
  • Battery: Not disclosed yet (1 hour longer than previous models) with Fast-Charge
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth, Lightning Port
  • Misc.: Face ID

Design & Features

The new iPhone XI 2019 will come to change what you think of Apple phones. And it all happens thanks to a unique construction (repeating the iPhone XR formula) that looks elegant, stylish, and feels comfy on your hands.

But of course, while they look similar, you’ll notice that the new one is far thicker. This thickness comes from the fact that it is more potent in its entirety, and comes with a slightly more durable build.

There’s no clear information about what material is being used on its construction, but we anticipate it will be the long-lasting steel. This supposedly gives the iPhone 11 a waterproof build that can be submerged up to 2 hours and 30 minutes without problems.

An IP68 rating will surely surpass your expectations. So you won’t have to worry about splashing your phone from time to time – or bringing it to the pool and beach whenever possible.

As for the features, we don’t yet know much about them either. We just know it comes with the Lightning Connector on the bottom, a volume button on the right side, and a dual-camera on the back. Together, they make the phone much more functional and decently good-looking.

From the design on the only released photos, the speaker is supposed to be on top of the front screen – along with a small camera. This will add a little more style to its build.

Whatever it comes with, we’re sure it will look amazing. You will have the chance to pick the Black, Red, or White model. All of them will surpass your expectations in looks.

Display & Screen

As you may have already read from most iPhone 11 news, this model is not too different from its previous versions. However, this one comes with a slightly bigger display with a 6.1-inches LCD that boasts a Liquid Retina screen.

This will allow you to enjoy magnificent imagery without losing any quality. Just like Apple has accustomed all of us, this model will also improve from previous ones. Not only because of the image quality but also because it brings prices down without leaving the HD delivery behind.

The resolution is not the highest when it comes to the different iPhone 11 models. But at 1792 x 828 in resolution, you can easily enjoy your favorite media without having to demand more. If you are a heavy media consumer, you will find this model an exceptional addition to your phone arsenal.

From the brightness to the overall crispness, you will be presented with a well-made display that will surpass your expectations. It doesn’t matter how demanding you are, this model won’t disappoint you.

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Camera & Battery Life

A unique factor that makes the Apple iPhone 11 stand out from previous versions is the unique camera. While it looks similar to what others had – this one comes with two 12MP in the rear and a 12MP option in front. Together, they make this phone an exceptional photo-taker.

You will get the chance to shoot ultra-wide angles, enjoy normal photos that stand out, and still get unique features like Deep Fusion, and a Long-Exposure function. As for the night modes, you won’t be deceived either, as it makes sure you get outstanding brightness even at the lowest light settings.

There’s also a portrait mode that helps capture backgrounds with blurry effects. And everything comes with a superb stabilization system which goes over what a phone camera should deliver.

But that’s not all. You will also enjoy the 12MP camera on the front that seems just as well-made and professionally-effective as the ones in the rear. If you love taking fantastic selfies, then this one will work wonders. You will even get ultra-wide shots, landscape mode, and more.

This pairs up well with the overall capacity to shoot video at 4K and with 60fps without losing any quality. If you’re a big video-shooter, then the iPhone 11 will come like a gem on your finger.


Even though we’re close to the iPhone 11 release date, there’s still no information about the quality of the battery. The only thing we know so far is that it’s supposed to deliver up to 1 hour more of power than the battery in the iPhone XR – which is a considerable performance improvement.

But that doesn’t mean you’ll necessarily get the most out of this phone. The iPhone XR had a battery lifespan of about 12 hours in full throttle and up to 20 hours if it didn’t have too much use in a day.

So, if you are a heavy smartphone user, you may find the iPhone 11 an excellent option – mainly because it is already clear that it will have a better battery than its predecessor.

Software & Processor

There’s not too much information about the upcoming hardware capabilities of the iPhone 11. When we say no much information, we mean that we aren’t sure how well it will handle everyday tasks and performance apps.

But of course, it comes with the energy-saving iOS 13 which makes sure you get a low-cost product without having to lose any quality in the process. And with the A13 Bionic chip, you will be set to enjoy one of the most performance-oriented products in the market.

Together, you are likely to get the best iPhone yet. This means that no matter whether you are an enthusiast or someone new to iPhones, you’ll pretty likely love everything it will offer.

There’s a gigantic chance that this mid-end model of the iPhone will probably break expectations in terms of gaming & overall processing. You are likely to experience a significant improve from previous versions and still get it for a decent cost overall.

We even heard that iPhone 11 5G could be a possibility – but of course, we aren’t yet sure (and it’s improbable to be honest).

There’s still a lot to disclose from Apple, and there’s still lots to know about this phone that is soon to come. What we can say is that it will not leave anyone disappointed, as it never does.


Bottom Line

With Apple phones, we can’t ever expect less than amazing results, designs, and overall quality. Sure enough, the iPhone 11 will not be an exception.

There’s a lot more we aren’t yet sure about this phone that we should be learning soon. But as of now, we can just say that there’s a lot of potential ready to be unleashed.

If you are an iPhone lover or just some who loves learning about phones, you’ve probably found this iPhone 11 Review useful. We would completely love if you could Pre-Order this phone from our link and support us – as long as you want to keep seeing the content of this caliber.

iPhone 11 Review – The Phone that Comes to Break the Market!

Front Line:

With Apple phones, we can’t ever expect less than amazing results, designs, and overall quality. Sure enough, the iPhone 11 will not be an exception. There’s a lot more we aren’t yet sure about this phone

MSRP: $699.00
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