LG B8 OLED review- entry-level’ OLED TV is upgraded for sensational results

LG B8 OLED offers true and vibrant colors with wide viewing angles. The comprehensive support of HDR format is most comprehensive.


LG B8 OLED review- entry-level’ OLED TV is upgraded for sensational results

LG B8 OLED review: Things you must know


LG’s higher-ranking series with the new top-end company’s Alpha 9 processor, is now using B8 using an Alpha 7 processor that is a modified version essentially of the chipset.


It means LG B8 presents the latest OLED panel, advanced picture processing technologies such that the television manages to handle the WRG8 OLED from display, it is broadcast friendly, offers multi-HDR support for HDR10 open-standard, Technicolor HDR formats, and Dolby vision.


It is equipped with a responsive and intuitive Smart WebOS TV platform that has Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant compatibility.


What’s New?


LG has made a new attempt to give OLED TV a new refresh with the same quality of picture, causing a differentiation along the sound quality lines, pure design and separate ranges. This has extended the price differences across the ranges of OLED.


LG broke its restrictive way of thinking considering the new OLED B8 series. At the same time, LG’s 2018 OLED TV series ranges uses impressive and brand-new Alpha 9 processor, The B8 models employ Alpha 7 processor delivering the required feature count and picture performance in comparison to the LG OLED model of 2017. The B8 models employ a step-down processor costing around $200 or £200 less in comparison to any other LG OLED 2018 TV.




LG B8 OLED presents its metallic back plate running at the slim edges outside. It has flat screen that to behold LG B8 is a joy. As such, there is no clue about it being the cheapest LG OLED TV released.


The B8 OLED in 55 inches appear absolutely uncompromised in its ground-breaking price. It has 4K and HDMIs as HDR-capable, the usual Bluetooth and Wi-Fi network, and three playback multimedia USBs. This is with the connectivity getting on the expensive OLED TVs of LG. OLED delivers a stunning TV design, and is good, regardless of its distinct D/SDR.




OLED screen technology is appropriate to standard dynamic range making the talent to stand true with the cheapest ever released OLED TV LG’s. The deep and black levels in the OLED’s make it easier to pick the subtle shadow and it looks bold and rich.




  • Great OLED price
  • Gorgeous design
  • Good picture quality
  • Strong smart system




  • Lacks brightness
  • Dark scene noise of video
  • Latest processing
  • Slightly HD upscaling




LGs OLED B8TV technology offers performance repercussions and provides a serious bargain.