Canon EOS 80D – compact, digital SLR for exploring the new arena of photography

The Canon EOS 80D is suitable for a DSLR enthusiast-level and 70D successor. The SLR sports APS-C CMOS sensor of 24MP that offers same as the 70D Canons dual pixel autofocus phase detection on sensor system. There is 45- point AF system hybrid and is one step ahead in the 70D from the AF 19-point system.


Canon EOS 80D – compact, digital SLR for exploring the new arena of photography

Canon EOS 80D

As per Canon EOS 80D review, the body features body seal against moisture and dust. The exterior has polycarbonate and the chassis is in magnesium alloy. It is same as its predecessor in design, while the controls in majority are accessible through the rear touchscreen, besides its physical control points. The 80Ds total packages major part is the video and it offers autofocus continuously during video. Of course, there is socket for the headphone as a compliment added to the microphone port.


Key Features


  • AFAF 45-point system featuring cross type points
  • Video capture1080/60p
  • 3” articulating touchscreen with 1.04M-dot
  • Weather resistant body
  • Continuous shooting with AF 7 fps
  • Pixel 7560 RGB + IR Metering Sensor


Wi-Fi + NFC


Improvements are in the vibration control system and it helps in reducing the shutter shock blur-inducing effects. The 80D gains 7560 Pixel, a serious improvement over in the 70D 63-zone layer dual sensor. This new sensor offers camera human awareness to track through viewfinder.


The new sensor


Canon shooters will be happy now as 80D has taken a step forward in the development of the sensor, providing DR much better than the 7D Mark II or 70D. however, the dual Pixel AF allows to get focus continuously during video capture keeping in live view mode.


The nearest 80D sibling is the Canon EOS 7D Mark II that is professionally-oriented. It uses lower resolution chip and provides fewer dynamic range than 80D. the touch focus of the 80D makes it appealing for the video.


The full frame of 80D makes it worth consideration, though it is away from the 6D that is a popular and solid camera, regardless of its simplistic AF system.




The 80D features power zoom PZ-E1 Adapter allowing at variable speeds smooth zooming.  Canon announced shotgun DM-E1 microphone with 80D to control zoom and it has two speed options.


The Canon EOS 80D features phase-detect pixels across the entire frame, to provide superior performance. Photographers liking to track moving subjects favor the option of selecting AI Servo in the live view mode. Now, Canon has added Dual Pixel sensitivity of CMOS AF as extra from the custom function menu. It allows the users to adapt to the shooting situation the focus and to create slow, natural or fast-focusing transitions.