Canon Digital SLR Camera Kit Review

The Canon Digital SLR Camera Kit is a new camera kit from Canon ideal for budding professionals amateur photographers, and smartphone photographers who want to take their photography to the next level. With the Canon Digital SLR Camera Kit, Canon expects more from your photography than simply snapping with your smart phone. Let’s take a closer look at the specifications, features, display and overall quality of the Canon Digital SLR Camera Kit.

Canon Digital Camera Review

Specifications and Features

The Canon Digital SLR Camera Kit comes with a shoot-and-click single-lens reflex camera with a built-in flash, a Canon EF mount, a large 3-inch LCD monitor for easy viewing, a camera case with strap, as well as an additional lens for taking your photography to the next level. There are additional options for the kit to include a secure camera strap, an additional memory card, and an extensive 55-250mm lens.

The camera itself has an 18MP CMOS image censor with a high quality DIGIC 4+ Image processor, which captures images in high resolution with a ISO 100-6400 which goes up to H: 12800 with certain settings. The camera can also take HD quality videos which comes with options for live view, manual focus control, and manual exposure settings.

The Canon Digital SLR Camera Kit camera comes with built-in capabilities for connecting to Wi-Fi and NFC, which allows users to easily upload their photos to social media, cloud drives, send to email, and more. There are options to connect the camera with smart devices, such as tablets, smart phones and certain laptops, as well.

The camera’s operational features include a range of modes ideal for budding professional photographers and amateur photographers looking to get the most out of their photos alike. Modes can be easily changed with the Mode Dial, for options including Portrait, Landscape, Food, and more.

The camera is compatibility with SD, SDHC, SDXC, and Eye-Fi memory cards. It is not compatible with multi-media cards, such as MMC.

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Canon Digital SLR Camera Kit Review Verdict

The Canon Digital SLR Camera Kit is perfect for budding professionals as well as amateur photographers who simply want to step up their photography game and take better quality photos. The HD quality photos available through the Canon Digital SLR Camera Kit are perfect for everything from social media accounts to traditional photo album prints to large canvas prints to decorate the walls of a home.

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The camera is easy to use and understand, and comes with an easy-change Mode Dial so that users can switch between options without having to dive into the camera settings. The camera itself is simple to use and comes with some basic accessories that can make the photography experience easier and more fun.

Overall, the Canon Digital SLR Camera Kit is a solid beginner’s DSLR camera that is perfect as a “beginner’s camera” for someone who is hoping to upgrade to a more professional equipment set later on, as well as regular people and amateur photographers who just want to take great photos without much fuss.