Is The Nikon D760 On Its Way?

Nikon struck gold with their D750 a few years back, still regarded as one of the best cameras you can get. Well, there have been some rumblings that there is a Nikon D760 mirrorless camera on its way in 2019.


The Nikon D750 is awesome and I think you would have a hard time getting a better full frame camera than that one. While the D750 is a great camera and still one that I would say is worth checking out. The fact of the matter is that it is now four years old. Technology has moved quite far in those four years.


For example, as great as the Nikon D760 is it came out at a time when 4K was not what it is now. These days everything is 4K and if I had to say there was one thing holding back the D750 it is the lack of 4K. Well if there is, in fact, going to be a Nikon D760 mirrorless camera in 2019, 4K is certainly something that it will have to have. So yes the D750 is great, but at four years old it really is starting to show its age now.


As much as I love the D750 and while I will always stand by it, other companies I must admit have released cameras the last year or so that have kind of surpassed it. That is why the time is right for Nikon to release their follow up, the Nikon D760.


I have already said how 4K is something that I feel the D760 would have to have. I actually have a hard time imagining any company releasing a high quality camera in 2019 that does not allow 4K video, especially as 4K TV’s have plummeted in price. We would expect Nikon to use the autofocus system that they have used on some of their cameras post D750. They have that 153 point autofocus going on and that is so intuitive it makes shooting that extra bit easier.


As far as megapixels go, this is a hard one to guess. I would love for the Nikon D760 mirrorless camera to have 45.7 megapixels like the D850 has. However, at this price range, I do not think they would go that height. I have a feeling it is going to be around the 36 million megapixel mark. That will offer crystal clear images and videos, but not at the expense of them having to raise the price so much that it puts the average person off.


As I said, Nikon struck gold with their D750. I loved how high quality and versatile it was. It proved that you could have a super high quality camera, but at a more budget friendly price. As that camera is starting to show its age now, Nikon needs to step it up and give us an updated version of it, which we are all assuming will be the Nikon D760 mirrorless camera that is rumored to be released in 2019.