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Acer Swift 7 2019 Review: What Acer brings on its new generation of Swift 7 for the latest Acer laptop?


Professionals certainly cannot compromise on matters of performance and style. The thing is, mobility requires urbanites to always use devices that can compromise work anywhere. This habit then gave birth to the need for the best 2019 laptops that are light and thin so that they are easy to carry anywhere while traveling.

The challenge was then answered by Acer by launching the Acer Swift 7 which was designed as the thinnest laptop in the world. Thanks to these advantages, Acer Swift 7 is able to be at a new level of portability in computing that is ready to follow your demands to be able to compete in the digital world.

At the beginning of 2017, this premium product also managed to become one of the Acer products that won the Taiwan Excellence Award 2017. This award was assessed based on the quality of the product and the design of the product. With a premium look and optimal quality, no wonder the Swift 7 deserves the award.

Today, Acer is currently still presenting the Acer 7 Swift 2019 which is designed to complete the weaknesses of its predecessor. So let us read the Acer 7 Swift 2019 review to know what exactly you can get from the latest Acer laptop.


First of all, we are going to look at the design of the Acer 7 Swift 2019 version which basically does not have too many changes to its design. The 2019 Acer Swift still use the same concept as the previous one which comes with a thin body. However, the latest series of Acer 7 Swift 2019 is a bit thicker than the 2017 series.

Well, the Acer Swift 7 2019 is indeed a little thicker than its predecessor, but yet it’s still much thinner than other laptops in its class. For your information, the previous Acer Swift 7 2017 has a thinner design and became the biggest competitors for many other thin laptops.

In this case, the Acer Swift 7 2017 only has a thickness of about 0.9 cm. Thus, this laptop feels comfortable on hand when you carry it. Meanwhile, It is only 1.1 kg of weight. The thin design and lightweight body are perfect for any professionals with high mobility.

Meanwhile, the new series of Acer Swift 7 2019 is designed thicker than the 2017 series. The added thickness allows Acer to fix the second deficiency in its predecessor, the trackpad that can’t be clicked on.

This ultra-thin laptop body is built from a combination of magnesium, aluminum and lithium metal. This blend of premium materials is believed to ensure the Swift 7 has a higher resistance to impact and pressure.

For this new generation, the Gorilla Glass-coated trackpad can be clicked like a trackpad in general. The chassis is still made of magnesium’s main material, and this allows the weight not to exceed 890 grams or less than 1 kg, and this is not a tablet.


Now, we would like to check the screen or display. Talking about the screen panel, the Acer Swift 7 is equipped with IPS touchscreen panel 14 inches with 1080 resolution.

It is wider than its predecessor which only has 13.3 inches display. In this sector, we can say that the new 2019 Swift 7 is the best choice if you want to have a larger laptop.

The maximum brightness is on 300 nits while the color reproduction can fulfill 1000% of the sRGB spectrum. For the protection, Acer also completes it with Corning Gorilla Glass 6 while the previous series is only equipped with Gorilla Glass 5.

It is undeniable that this laptop has the sharpest screen and the most accurate color on its class. It also provides a wider angle of up to 170 degrees.

But, we really wonder where Acer actually embed the webcam camera as it has a very thin bezel. You may not find any cameras around the screen, but you can find the webcam near the keyboard part while users only need to activate it with one click. The webcam itself already supports HDR which has a better result compared to many other regular laptops.

Operating System

As we know that Acer Swift 7 2019 may become the favorite one because it has a great display resolution. But, you want to know the operating system. As usual, Acer will still use the Windows 10 operating system as its main OS.

Somehow, it only uses single OS but you always have a chance to install Windows 8 or Windows 7.  The Windows 10 really runs on this laptop smoothly which makes it perfect for working and multitasking.


After checking the screen and the body design, now are also curious about the Acer Swift 7 new series performance. Talking about the performance, this laptop is equipped with Intel Core i7- 8500Y that becomes the brain of the machine along with the 16 GB of RAM and SSD PCLE 512GB. The graphics performance is supported by HD Graphics 615.

The battery is also good enough because once it is charged, you can use the laptop for 10 hours non-stop. Meanwhile, when we check the connectivity sector, there is a pair of USB-C that supports Thunderbolt3.

Which means that you can transfer data 10 times faster than USB 2.0. In addition, it is also completed with port USB 3.1 and Gen 2 with a standard port. It also has 1.2 Display Port as well as the Bluetooth 5.0.

The fast performance is also supported with the new standard wireless technology of WiFI 802.11 ac that allows you to have a wider wireless connection.

Moreover, it is also equipped with Wifi Fast Dual-band 2×2 Mu-Mimo that makes this laptop even 5 times faster for wireless multitasking needs. Truly, Acer Swift 7 is a good choice in this digital era because it supports all your online activities.

For your information, the Processor Intel Core Y series is selected because this component consumes power lesser than the U-series with a little compensation on the performance. Somehow, the Acer team does not confirm it yet, but we assume that Swift 7 2019 utilizes a passive cooling system since this laptop has a very slim body.

We also assume that Swift 7 2019 is actually designed for lifestyle product than just heavy task processing or content creation. Certainly, you still can use this laptop to do your tasks, watch videos, and playing low games like Terraria, Stardew Valley, Higher Light Drifter, and Shovel Knight.

Somehow, this laptop is not the best choice for heavy class graphic design or for playing blockbuster games.

So, who is the marketing target of this laptop? Anyway, the Acer Swift 7 is also not a cheap laptop and you can imagine that this laptop may be used by company CEOs or executives. Well, it seems that this laptop is manufactured for anybody who needs sufficient computation device with stylish design.

Release Date and Price

Is Acer Swift 7 2019 available for sale right now? Fortunately, if you want to buy this new Acer laptop, you can have it now because this laptop basically was launched since April 2019 in the USA. How much does it cost?

As it is mentioned above, Acer Swift 7 becomes one of the most expensive laptops in the world that may only be used by rich people, bosses, and company executives. You will be surprised to see the price of this laptop.

When it was first released, the Acer Swift 7 2019 was about $1.699 with a variant of 8 GB RAM and SSD 256 GB. It is quite expensive to afford and it will be more expensive if you buy the 16 GB variant with 512 GB SSD.

Intuitive Features

The thin design of the Swift 7 provides an extraordinary experience for professionals. Having a chiclet keyboard with the ideal distance on the keypad makes it easy for users to type without errors. This keyboard also has 1.1 mm key travel distance and responsive feedback. In addition, the backlit keyboard makes typing more comfortable in low light conditions.

The power button also functions as a fingerprint scanner so users can turn on devices with safer logins through Windows Hello without using a password. Swift 7 features push-to-open cameras for webchats and video recording that can be closed to protect user privacy and prevent unwanted camera use.

This camera has a 55-degree viewing angle, and an HDR (high-dynamic-range) feature to produce images in a wider viewing angle to accommodate group photo taking.

Pros and Cons

Before you buy Acer Swift 7, it seems that you have to know some pros and cons for reasons why you would buy this Swift 7. Even though Acer Swift 7 is a good laptop with many surprises, you probably think twice before buying it due to several reasons. What are the pros and cons of Acer Swift 7?


  • It is a slim design and thin body
  • It has less bezel to make the screen look wider
  • It is equipped with touchscreen IPS display panel with Full HD
  • The screen is designed with gorilla glass 6 protection
  • It is quite lightweight to carry
  • It uses SSD with 256 and 512 GB storage options
  • It has two RAM options between 8 GB and 16 GB
  • It has a long life battery to run up to 10 hours non-stop
  • It is equipped with Intel Core i7- 8500Y
  • It supports USB type C and USB 3.0 for faster data transfer



  • It does not have a DVD player
  • The webcam  is not placed near on the screen area
  •  You cannot play heavy games with this laptop
  • It is very expensive


Users Experience

How do people feel after using this cool laptop? Well, it seems that some users feel satisfied with the performance and design of the Acer Swift 7. Most of these people like it due to the slim design.

It is true that this netbook is very slim and thin. So, it is basically suitable for students and workers. it is really easy to carry this laptop because it is quite lightweight. In addition, they also like the display very much.

The IPS display looks so perfect for watching HD movies. It has true colors like watching TV with a better panel.

Somehow, some of the users do not like this laptop because it is very expensive. Some of them cannot buy this laptop due to the high price. Moreover, some users prefer to buy a gaming laptop from other brands because this expensive laptop is not suitable for playing heavy games.

We cannot say that this laptop is the best one because there are so many other laptops from different brands which may have a better design. At least, this laptop becomes your best choice that can really support your multitasking jobs.

It runs on original Windows 10 which runs very smoothly. It is also really good with a comfortable keyboard. In addition, the keyboard is also designed with LED lights to make it look more elegant and functional when you work in the dark.

In summary, that’s all about Acer Swift 7 2019 review which you probably want to know if only want to upgrade your old laptop with the latest Acer laptop. Well, this laptop may become your latest laptop, but it is quite expensive to afford.

It really has a very good design despite it is not the best choice for gaming. It is enough to support your office job and college. Since it is equipped with Intel Core i7 Y series, it can really give you very high performance. There is no such slow connection and operation because it will work perfectly as you expect.

Acer Swift 7 2019 Review: What Acer brings on its new generation of Swift 7 for the latest Acer laptop?

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Professionals certainly cannot compromise on matters of performance and style. The thing is, mobility requires urbanites to always use devices that can compromise work anywhere. This habit then gave birth to the need for the...

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