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Canon vs Nikon Which One is Best

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Here is a subject that is sure to start a lot of debate, Canon vs Nikon, which one is best! These are two of (if not THE) leading camera makers in the world. I would bet that when most people are looking for a new camera, Canon and Nikon will come up time and time again.

Too many people will just look at the megapixel count and base their decision on that. This is a huge mistake and while having a high megapixel count is great, it is just the tip of the iceberg. When you put these two together and do a Canon vs Nikon match up, it at first can seem like they are very similar, which they are. However, there are some subtle differences between the way these two photographic giants put together their cameras.

Canon vs Nikon comparison

Canon and Nikon Cameras

If you look at Nikon’s recent cameras like their APS-C sensor cameras they have put a lot of time and effort into their sensors and how the camera deals with light. Canon on the other hand still seems to be more focused on their megapixel count.

The speed of your camera’s autofocus can make or break a great picture. How many times have you had the perfect shot, only for your camera to take too long to focus? That is why speed is important. When you look at the speed of autofocus when it comes to Canon vs Nikon it, of course, depends on the model of camera. In my research though I have found that when it comes to higher end cameras, Canon has the faster autofocus, but at the more lower priced end of the pricing spectrum. Nikon tends to have the slightly faster autofocus.

In terms of how a Nikon and Canon camera operate both are pretty similar. They will have different terminology for how they describe things. The basic operating of the cameras though is always very similar. Both companies these days have gone above and beyond to give the user plenty of options, but at the same time make their cameras nice and easy to use.

Comparison of Canon Vs Nikon

Video quality is something that you want to know about a new camera before you buy it. usually, Canon had the edge when it came to video quality. These days though, 4K video is becoming more and more common with cameras and there, in all honesty, is very little in it between the two. I think you would have to give Canon the slight edge as they have for longer been more focused on getting a higher FPS count along with super sharp video quality. In all honesty, as long as the camera you are looking at offers a decent FPS and 4K video, the video quality is going to be great.

Canon Vs Nikon DSLRs

I know that it sounds like a cop out, but it really is impossible to say for sure who is the winner when it comes to Canon vs Nikon. Both make fantastic cameras and the fact they have been around for decades is a testament to that. Just make sure that you do your research and remember to look at more than just the megapixel count. Look at things like the autofocus, the way the camera deals with natural light and of course how easy the camera is to use.

Both these companies make great cameras at all price ranges so I have a hard time imagining you would be disappointed by either one.

Canon vs Nikon Which One is Best

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Here is a subject that is sure to start a lot of debate, Canon vs Nikon, which one is best! These are two of (if not THE) leading camera makers in the world. I would...

MSRP: $555
At Amazon
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