Best Laptop in 2019: 2019 Asus Transformer T101HA-GR013T Review

Nowadays, there are so many new laptops which have better designs and specifications. It does not only work as a laptop, but it can also work as a tablet. The best laptop in 2019 will go to the Asus Transformer T101HA-GR013T.

This belongs to one of the Asus products in this era that offers a combination between a netbook and a tablet. You can replace your old laptop with this new futuristic laptop which looks slimmer but it offers great specifications to support your business.

It does not look like a regular laptop because you can use the keyboard like a laptop or just remove the keyboard to be a tablet. Of course, this laptop is also designed with a touchscreen. According to its name, Asus Transformer is designed to transform from netbook into a tablet. Through this Asus laptop review, we can find it more about the specifications.


ASUS Transformer T101HA-GR013T Review

You would be proud of having the Asus ASUS Transformer T101HA-GR013T because it really looks unique in term of design. In a glimpse, you will think that is just an ordinary netbook with a keyboard. But, when you remove the keyboard, you will be amazed because it finally transforms into a tablet. Well, it belongs to a hybrid laptop where uses can adjust the laptop according to the needs. Though it is only equipped with 10.1 inches touchscreen display.

When you check the body, you will see that this best Asus laptop has a slim and thin design which is only about 9 mm. Meanwhile, the performance of this laptop is supported by the Intel Cherry Train Quad Core Z8350 which is also integrated with Intel HD Graphics. In addition, this slim Asus laptop is also equipped with 2 GB of RAM DDR3L along with eMCC of 128 GB. This laptop also runs the Windows 10.

Asus Transformer Book T101HA-GR013T

Is the Asus Transformer T101HA-GR013T suitable for gaming? Well, as you can see the specifications, this hybrid laptop is not good for playing heavy games. Somehow, this laptop is only good for an office job to support your business. So, if you are looking for a simple and slim netbook with a hybrid design, you should choose this one.

How much does it cost? Well, the estimated price of the ASUS Transformer T101HA-GR013T is about $300. If we compare it to the regular laptop, this laptop is not that much and it is quite affordable for students and employees. So, there is no reason for not buying this laptop to replace your old laptop which looks so thick and heavy.

In summary, that’s all about Asus laptop review just in case you are looking for the best laptop in 2019. The ASUS Transformer T101HA-GR013T is just a perfect choice to support your office job and business. In addition, the price is not too expensive anyway.