Asus ZenBook S Review- Ultraportable 13-inch Ultrabook, Worth buying

With the world becoming more and more interconnected each day, the computer industry has found itself in the advantageous position of supplying the world with the necessary tool so that the user does not fall into the abyss of digital death.


The brands have dedicated themselves to trying to improve what seems insurmountable; getting better and better each day and adding newer and better features with each release. This has led to a lot of competition between these brands and everyone’s trying to win this race of providing high quality new tech to their customers. Asus isn’t behind in this race, they recently released their new Zenbook S, if you want to know about all the hype it’s been creating, here is the Asus Zenbook S review for you.




Zenbook S holds a high quality 13-inch screen with the 1080P quality display. Its long-lasting battery time enables you to use it for consistently 13 hours without thinking of getting up and bringing the charger. It has 16 gigs of ram with intel core i7, 8th generation processor, which is responsible for its high-quality performance.




Most Striking Feature?


The most striking feature of the ultra-book is definitely its strange hinge design. What’s that? Well, Asus has come up with a solution to the old problem of laptop heating with a unique feature. When you open the laptop its hinge design lifts the Ultrabook up leaving space beneath it, which counts for improved air-flow and better comfortable writing as well.



Typing experience with Zenbook S has been very comfortable, thanks to the gentle uplifting which eases the wrists and prevents straining of muscles. Quality keys on top of that angle make it altogether a best experience.

Touchpad and Fingerprint sensor


The touchpad is very easy to use and the fingerprint sensor is remarkable. Although one aspect of it, that is a little absurd is the size of the touchpad. The vertical length of the touchpad is a bit uncomfortable to use, other than that it was awesome.

Light Weight


You won’t believe how lightweight this Zenbook S by Asus is, it’s just one kg. This weightlessness doesn’t affect its performance at all. Owing to less weight, it is easily portable and is best for the people who have to carry their work machines with themselves all the time.

All Metal unibody


You must be wondering if it’s that lightweight, then it must be fragile. Well the Zenbook S is quite sturdy, it’s not fragile at all thanks to its all metal unibody, which provides strength without adding extra weight.

Long lasting battery


It has a long 13 hours of battery life, which is 3 times the battery of a usual laptop.



In short Zenbook S by Asus gives all the features of a high-quality laptop at a very reasonable price. It is recommended for students and working people who want to have an amazing typing experience with remarkable battery life.