The Samsung Galaxy Fold Is Getting Fixed

It is kind of crazy to think that the Samsung Galaxy Fold was being hailed as the biggest evolution in a phone for quite some time. People were all over this thing and even with the 2 grand price tag, people were wanting it. Then some “problems” started to appear and Samsung recalled all of the review units and canceled more than a few pre-orders.

Things went kind of quiet on the Samsung Galaxy Fold and many people wondered if it had been quietly canceled and swept under the rug. Well, that is not true and Samsung is hard at work making some clever fixes to the Samsung Galaxy Fold that will hopefully allow it to still be released sooner than later.

The hinge seemed to be the biggest issue and when you consider what a huge part of the phone that hinge was. People could not be expected to pay two thousand bucks for a phone and then 6 months down the line have that hinge become weak. Or even worse, filled with dust and other gunk that would cause the phone to malfunction!

Samsung has taken all of the information on board and they are giving that hinge some serious reworking. The Samsung Galaxy Fold is going to have the overall size of the hinge reduced. This means that the protective section that is on the phone is now going to be able to stop dust and other things from getting inside the hinge.

Another major issue that occurred (and one that some did put down to user error) was the protective film that was over the screen. When this was pulled off, it completely destroyed the phone! To be fair this kind of film is on every phone screen so you can kind of see why some people would think that you were supposed to take it off.

Samsung has a way to “fix” this issue that sounds like something they really should have thought of in the initial design stage, to be honest. Now this plastic protective film is going to actually go all of the ways into the frame of the phone. By now the word is out that this has to be kept on, but by doing this they are sending a clear message to leave it alone.

A foldable phone sounds like a slam dunk of an idea and many reviewers seemed to really love what Samsung had done with their Samsung Galaxy Fold. When making a leap like this there is always going to be “hiccups” that need addressing. Thankfully, Samsung realized this and is fixing them before these things hit the market.

Which is rather interesting as there is a lot of talks that these fixes have already been done and tested. This could mean that the Samsung Galaxy Fold could be released as early as this summer! Of course, there were people who had their pre-orders canceled so you do have to wonder what will happen there.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold looks awesome and it will be interesting to see if this folding phone thing does catch on. Also, it will be interesting to see if Apple or one of the other big companies tries something similar.