Philips OLED+ 903 TV- the matchless treat for your eyes

While numerous brands manufacture OLED TVs nowadays, however, none of make them like how Philips does. The Ambilight design and picture processing power feature ensure the brand to stand out from the competitor’s product in the market. The Philips OLED+ 903 TV comes with a top-notch processor from its P5 Perfect Processing Engine of second-generation. Indeed, the Philip’s 65-inch OLED+ 903 is unique than any other brand’s TV.


Why it is unique?


However, OLED+ 903 is a bit expensive but it has competitive edge of all-in-one audio-visual experience. You must be wondering why? So, here’s why this set is better than the few rivals in the market:


  • Blade-thin panel – 4mm; 49.3mm at widest
  • 4 x HDMI, LAN, WiFi, 3x USB multimedia ports
  • 3-sided Ambilight lighting system
  • Comes with two remotes; Bluetooth pointer and full- size with keyboard


You can adjust the level of color tone and brightness of the light according to your suitability. This can be set according to the picture you are watching. As at times, the most aggressive Ambilight level can begin to make your picture distracting whereas if set to relatively calm levels can make your viewing experience better.



Philips OLED+ 903 TV- the matchless treat for your eyes


Attractive designs for Tv’s appeal the customers most to purchase the product. Since, Philips’s OLED+ 903 has focused on its design to create a combination of exuberance and elegance. It is installed with brushed slender aluminum frame, ultra-skinny rear and a pair of polished feet so that it doesn’t distract the users while watching the TV.


Quality Philips OLED+ 903 TV with Amazing Features

The exuberance is fitted in bottom to a sleek built-in soundbar along its edge. The LED lights cast the change in light from left, right and top edges to view a big image.


P5 Processing Engine:


Unlike LCD TV’s, the OLED+ 903 has OLED panel that enables 4000 pixels to create its own light and color to result in outstanding contrast performance. The 2018 version of P5 processing engine adds to eight new innovative processing elements. This processor comes with a completely updated application that is: Perfect Natural Reality. This focuses on adjusting the standard images into HDR ones.


Further, the OLED+ 903 support three types of HDR: the HLG platform developed for broadcasting purposes, industry standard format of HDR10, HDR10+ format that offers additional scene-by scene information to assist TV’s deliver better quality.


Smart TV with Smart Features:


The OLED+ 903 has Android TV platform installed in it to offer smart features. For instance, there is Google Assistant voice control with other services like Netflix, YouTube and Amazon Video. However, the Android TV smart system might not meet your expectations. The remarkable feature in OLED+ 903 is its brightness due to its 4K ultra-HD (3849 x 2160) resolution sources of picture quality.




If you want the highest resolution and crisp image quality with brightest pixel complementing the best view, then Philips’ OLED+ 903 TV has best features to offer you. Specifically, if you are seeking an Ambilight and require built-in audio as provides with exceptional audio performance and open mid-range.