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Get to know the complete run through of “55 inch 4k tv” and delineate your choice


Tv is a must in every home and now the 55 inch 4K TV is highly prominent among TV manufacturers and consumers. There are several models in different brands, but there is a catch with the 55 inch 4K TV.

The different brands models are all in bigger dimensions and none have launched any TV smaller than 50 inch and a few of the TV models of 4K are beyond 70 inches. However, one important point is the entire major brands version as best 4k tv are in 55 inch in the market.

55 inches TV is regarded to be the right display size and the 65 inches as the right display size for people wanting larger feel.  Actually, it is more than enough to have 55 inches for the 4K resolution. The onscreen content is not very large and appears as a respectable TV size to suit any small space. The Price point is also a great attraction bringing the consumer base close to the 55 inch 4K TV.  Basically, the TVs in 55 inches make the right choice as it is ‘Just right’.

The display technology presents a cutting edge in the 4K TVs with 55 inches and you can see a superb quality and most TVs also feature top-shelf such as OLED, DHR, high brightness, enhanced color gamut, and amazing contrast.

4K TV Viewing Distance

Get to know the complete run through of '55 inch 4k tv' and delineate your choice

Any 4k TV in 55 inches offers an ideal viewing distance. You can choose to sit away and feel the pride of being the owner of this 4K TV as it brings out the extra sharpness at 3840 x 2160 pixels and at the same time you can set close to the screen and get immersed. The 4K Tvs in 55 inches are the place 4K resolution appears distinct and the 55 inches is the lowest size available now in the market. The smaller TVs viewed from a few meters in HD models are indistinguishable in their resolution, but with 55 inch 4K TV, at normal viewing distance, the sharpness is apparent.


An ideal distance for viewing for a 55 inch TV is around 2.5 meters or 8 feet for maximum enjoyment and it is great even when you position yourself at 7 or 9 feet.

4K TV Connectivity

Major TV brands producing 4K TV offer similar hub connectivity in the HD TVs, despite the price or size and there are some USB ports, Ethernet connectivity and built-in Wi-Fi to stream content and for the functionality of smart TV. A simple itemization of the specs:


This is the hub port technology connection found in the 4K TVs. IT’s available through the HDMI 2.0, initiated practically in the latest 4K TVs, you access 4K and the HD videos is enjoyed from peripheral media supply such as conventional Blu-ray players, set-top boxes 4K Blu-ray players, gaming consoles, and DVRs. The HDMI, 2.0 is the latest version offering 4K-UHD video featuring transmission of 60Hz as its refresh rate at 60 frames per second and an HDMI 2.0 variation known as 2.0a also allows in the 4K content the coding for HDR as peripheral supply to be conveyed to any of the 4K TV HDR-capable. The majority ultra HD TVs offer 4- HDMI two ports or at least three usually.


This is the hub connectivity port for mobile devices such as tablets and Smartphone’s and peripheral media devices. It offers the best connectivity option to your TV to attach external controllers and hard drives. Today, nearly all 4K TVs provide 2.0 ports of 2 and 4 USB, while some models offer further powerful 3.0 USB. These ports are useful to transfer from and to the 4K TV, the non-4K-video, music, and other media with lower-bandwidth. They also may be used from the TV as charging devices.


An essential feature is Ethernet to perform the smart operations and to any 4K TV today presenting the HD/4K video technology. Your TV without the connectivity of Ethernet cannot be streamed to the content of 4K-UHD from the main trade sources and either way it will not have the smart TV full functionality. However, limitation persists to do all the options of streaming media in any of the 4K TVs. Thus, you must have an internet connection of 15-20 Mbps to avail the Ethernet cable and also to ensure smooth access as you are trying to stream live sports and more, and at the same time, your internet connection at home must also give as a minimum of 25 to 30Mbps.

The WIFI is good to share different types of content among the display devices and TVs such as the tablets and Smartphone’s. Many $K TVs permit streaming contents to the large screen using your phone, using the upscaling built-in technology so that there is a superb evident resolution.

Smart TV Platforms

All the 4K UHD TVs feature smart TV platforms as built in.  These offer communications capacity, digital media apps, and TV internet browsing. The smart platforms that are the best are found in models featuring such as gesture and voice control and accompanying smart remotes with its related features. It offers full capacity of web browsing as a common feature for the 4K TVs and for all the top 55 inch models.

The Sony 4kTV models and the Samsungs Tizen smart OS gas a Smart Hub. The LG web also is good and intuitive.

Enhanced color with Triluminos Display

Speaking about Upscaling, this is 4K TVs integral part, as most TV content does not feature the native 4K resolution. Thus 4K TVs do need to be valuable for both HD and non-HD videos. This refers to upscaling achieves as it reprocesses and makes non-4K video look closer and sharper to the native 4K resolution. The effect is stunning in a full HD video and also in a good upscaling engine, as a 480p video also can appear better than it would appear normally. All the listed 4K TV models get superb upscaling engines.


The technology of HDR is a crucial feature in the 55 inch range 4 K TVs.  There will be display quality in high dynamic range taking a leap upward and the HDR standards are much better with 4K TVs technology.

Backlighting/Local Dimming

The 4K TVs backlighting basically can be divided into two broad technology types LED or LCD display and also the OLED display. The OLED 4K models will have good screen illumination technology. The category of 55” is the popular choice though the TVs in larger sizes have a good market share. The year 2018 is better and the new technologies are becoming available to the mainstream models.

Apple Tv

Apple TV 4K

Apple TV 4K

is the recent iteration digital media receiver device that plays movies from sources such as TV Shows, Netflix, YouTube and other videos, live sports, and the more is on a widescreen TV. Apple TV 4K presents good improvement that is earlier releases now offering pixels up to 1920×1080 as high definition supporting the 3840×2160 picture format ultra-high-definition. Apple TV 4K includes high dynamic range featuring 4K HDR support and premium quality format of Dolby Vision.

Apple TV 4K is an operating system developed originally for the 4th generation of Apple TV. Remember this is not the same as Apple TV 4K announced on September 9, 2015. Here it includes Siri support that can be accessed on the Siri Remote by a button that comes with Apple TV 4K to help quickly the users and easily find the content from various multimedia sources.

With the improvements and higher quality, Apple TV 4K comes pricey. The Apple TV device originally was for $99 and the fourth generation 32 GB Apple TV will be available for $149, now the AppleTV 4K costs $179 featuring storage of 32GB and $199 featuring storage of 64GB. Apple TV 4K is considerably priced higher than the competing models such as the, Chromecast Ultra, Amazon FireTV,  and Roku Streaming Stick+, all offer the support of 4K HDR and do it for at least $100 less in comparison to the Apple TV 4K.

Samsung Tv

Samsung 4K TV UHD

Buying a Samsung 4K TV UHD is the future of television the quality of 4K is 3840 x 2160 pixels and it offers a stunning resolution that presents a better picture noticeably. This is good on larger tv screens. The ultra high definition offers stunning details on 4K movies, content, and shows.

Get the best from 4K ultra HD TVs that will have advanced technology. It will come with innovative technology and a heavy price tag. Samsung 4 K TV will offer rich colors; widescreen and the movies displayed will be the best. Using Samsung’s upscaling technology helps in availing the contrast and dramatic color. It will bring more life to pictures and the Hisense technologies of 4K resolution, the high dynamic range, the sleek designs, and Dolby audio combine into the best.  You can find them In Amazon, Walmart, and in the individual company websites.  It is the best brands merging superior quality picture with smart TV platform superb for streaming.


Get to know the complete run through of “55 inch 4k tv” and delineate your choice

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Outline Tv is a must in every home and now the 55 inch 4K TV is highly prominent among TV manufacturers and consumers. There are several models in different brands, but there is a catch...