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Hisense A6200 4K TV Review

For a while, people would look at a TV with Hisense on it and think that they were low budget, poor quality TVs. Granted they might not have the name recognition of a Sony or a Samsung. However, Hisense has really stepped things up and they are one of the leaders when it comes to lower cost 4K TVs right now. Today I am taking a closer look at their Hisense A6200 4K TV.

Hisense A6200 4K TV

The Need To Know

It is worth noting that the Hisense A6200 4K TV comes in different sizes. 43, 50, 55 and 65 inches are available. So, no matter the room size you should be ok, the ports and everything else is the same it is just the size of the TV (and the price tag of course) that are the main difference.


  • Quality is way better than you would think
  • Even the larger model is quite affordable
  • Smart TV functionality is very easy to use
  • The TV has a pretty sleek design to it
  • Has three HDMI 2.0 Ports


  • It is not the best when it comes to HDR
  • The viewing angles may take a little working out when positioning TV


Hisense A6200 4K TV

The Specs

  • Screen Size: 43 to 65 inches
  • Viewing Angle: 176 degrees
  • Input Lag: 25 to 50 ms
  • Screen Resolution: Ultra HD, 3840×2160
  • HDMI: 3 HDMI 2.0 ports
  • Speakers: 2 stereo speakers
  • USB: 2 USB ports
  • Smart TV: Yes (Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube and so on all supported)
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi, Lan


Hisense A6200 Review

The General Feeling

As of right now, the Hisense A6200 is one of the most popular 4K TVs on the market right now. A huge reason for this is the price. The 43-inch version, for example, can be found for under 300 bucks if you shop around which for a 4K TV is crazy. Even the larger models have been found for closer to 300 than 500 bucks. Plus, the fact that Hisense is sponsoring major sports events these days has made people take them more seriously.

You do have to keep in mind that this is a budget priced 4K TV. So, the TVs that you see in your local electronics store that are made by Samsung and cost like 2 thousand bucks will obviously be of a much higher quality. Just know going in that while this is a great TV, it is at the lower end of the 4K UHD spectrum.


The Asking Price

Here I want to do a little more research into the prices that the Hisense A6200 is currently being sold for. As I said the smaller, 43-inch model can be found for as little as 220 bucks right now. I feel that for a 4K TV this is a fantastic price and also a great way for someone to get into the world of UHD without spending a fortune.

If we go to the largest model which is the 65-inch version. The prices are all over the place for this the most expensive I could find it was at over 600 bucks. The cheapest was just under 500. So, while these are budget priced TVs the pricing for them is all over the place.

With that in mind when it comes to a TV like this that has different versions and a ton of places are selling it. Please make sure you do your homework before buying it. There are some stores that are selling the smaller one for a higher price than some stores are selling the larger ones! So, shop around before you buy to get the best deal possible.

Hisense A6200 4K TV Review


How Is It Built?

The build quality of the TV is actually pretty cool. It has a rather old school design to it and that is something I like. The TV is rather unassuming in its design and will not look out of place in any room it is in. While the TV is black (like most of them are these days) it has this kind of shine to it that makes it look kind of high tech.

The overall build quality is fine. Hisense has used plastic which feels ok considering the price. The TV may seem a little thick when you take it out of the box, but that is because the LED light is right behind it and I actually really like this as it gives the whole picture a better quality when it comes to brightness.

The TV stands on a pair of feet that are on each side of the TV. I think that the feet look fine and they are certainly steady enough. However, when a TV has “feet” instead of a center stand. It does mean you have to think about the unit you are putting it on (unless you are putting it on the wall of course) as some TV units are not just a flat rectangular shape.


How Is The Picture Quality?

Of course, most of us only care about one thing when it comes to a TV and that is the picture quality. Off the bat, I have to say that the picture quality for the Hisense A6200 is pretty darn good. The fact that the LED backlight is directly behind the screen really does help make the image pop.

I found that the blacks looked fantastic on this thing and I tested it with movies, sport and video games. There are plenty of options for you to play with and the cinema mode in particular really made movies pop. Of course, if you are like me you will play around with the settings to get the image just the way you want.

One thing that was a little disappointing is that there is no way to effect “judder”. I played around with this on a Samsung 4K TV and found that it did work quite well. Most people will not really care about this I am sure, but I did feel that it was worth pointing out.

The viewing angle is not the best, but at the end of the day, it is up to you to position your TV at the right spot so you can see it the best. I feel that the design of the TV they went for does give you a fantastic picture, but at the expense of the viewing angle. I actually think that Hisense made the right call here.


Connecting The TV To Your Devices

There are three HDMI 2.0 ports on this TV and one does support ARC which is pretty neat. The Hisense A6200 does also have two USB ports. One is USB 2.0 and the other is 3.0. You also have your connections so that you can watch regular TV on this thing which is great if you have a standard cable hook up or a satellite hook up.

This TV is also great if you want to connect to the internet. The Smart TV functionality is very easy to do and with the touch of a button, you have all your apps at hand. Things like Netflix and Amazon Prime look great on this TV. Both Netflix and Amazon Prime have some great 4K content so be sure to take advantage of that.

Speaking of “the internet” you can connect this via Wi-Fi and it works great. However, unless you have amazing Wi-Fi in your house. If you really want to stream movies of Netflix or whatever in 4K you are better off going for a wired connection.

If you are a gamer you are in luck as the input lag at its best is 24 ms which is more than reasonable. I actually played around 4 straight games of Overwatch on Xbox One with this TV and never had a single issue once. As a matter of fact, the game looked and moved amazingly well.


How Does It Sound?

One way that I feel TVs have struggled the last decade or so is in the sound department. In an effort to make a TV as flat as possible, many manufacturers have to make sacrifices with the speakers. This is the reason that many of us who are really into movies spend the extra money for a soundbar.

The Hisense A6200 has stereo speakers that offer 7W of power. Now, these are not going to rock the room when you are watching The Avengers fight off Thanos on Titan. However, to be fair these speakers sound pretty clear. If you crank the sound up too loud it can get a little distorted and not that great. If you like your movies loud I would recommend looking into getting a more powerful soundbar.

Hisense A6200 4K TV With Stereo Speakers

The Final Say On The Hisense A6200

I am very impressed with the Hisense A6200. I really do not think that the guys and gals at Hisense could have made a better 4K UHD TV at this price point. No matter what size of TV you go for I would imagine that you would be very happy with your purchase. Movies, games, and sports all look great on this thing.

Sure, it is not the greatest when it comes to HDR. On the flip side of that though I will say that the average Joe is going to fall in love with movies and must-see TV all over again thanks to this TV. Just remember to shop around as the prices are all over the place.

Hisense A6200 4K TV Review

Front Line:

For a while, people would look at a TV with Hisense on it and think that they were low budget, poor quality TVs. Granted they might not have the name recognition of a Sony or...