Atyme 550AM7UD TV


In a dynamic world, TV has become one of the main source of entertainment for people. Manufacturers are producing TV’s with many advanced features that adapt to your lifestyle. If you are confused about which TV to purchase, then refer to our reviews below!

Atyme 550AM7UD TV Features


So, sit back and enjoy your favorite entertainment on ATYME’s 55 TV model with crisp clear image and pixel.  This TV has built-in technology that gives full HD source. You can experience ultra-high definition picture with optimizes quality. The enhance detail of the pixel gives the clear and bright visuals so you enjoy each moment of show that otherwise you would have paid for. It is featured with 4k resolution to let you enjoy your favorite movies and shows with images that are four times sharper than the full HD. To create a contrast clear image, Atyme has installed 3840 x 2160 resolution with 4000.

Key Features:

The ATYME 55” is a flat screen LED television with three built-in HDMI inputs. These include USB Media Play, Wall Mounting capabilities and a MTS/SAP stereo system. The designers of Atyme has designed super thin black frame with wall mounting capabilities. Therefore, now you don’t need to purchase useless wall decoration pieces as the TV can fill the space on your wall. Well, the structure and framework of this TV is beautifully crafted to compliment the interior of your house. The thin frame gives a delicate structure to your TV unlike the ones with thick and ugly frame.


When a company exports the TV to different parts of the country, it ensures to install the feature of different languages to cater the requirements of people. For example, people in the US would require English to operate the functions of the TV whereas people in Spain would Spanish. To fill the gap in the market, Atyme has launched three OSD menu languages- English, Spanish and French to fulfill the demand of different countries.

Atyme 550AM7UD TV Features and Review

Size and Weight:

The size and weight of TV should be first considered before buying it because it is worth knowing if you want to mount your TV on the wall. For wall-mount TV’s, producers design it with specifically with certain weight and size to support the stand on the wall and minimize the risk of coming off. The weight of the TV is 30.2 pounds which is optimum for wall-mount TV. The Tv is measured 29.1 inches by height without stand and 3.3 inches in depth without stand. It is featured with VESA Mounting Standard of 400 x 300 that meets the standard of displays to stand or wall mount.


You can spend on this trusted American brand due to its premium quality television that it supplies. Also, it guarantees 1 year warranty, if your TV is not working properly or is damaged. As, you rarely can find a TV upgraded with latest technology at great savings to you and your family is awesome.