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Apart of the Apple, there are many companies in the market that manufacture tablets. Today, technology has invaded the lives of individuals with these technologies. The Pixel State is the first tablet produced by Google, based on the framework of Chrome OS rather than Android.

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The display is 12.3 inch large with 3000 x 2000 pixel touchscreen. Google has named this screen a “molecular display” that is surrounded by bezels. The screen shows super bright pictures and videos but has a little drop-off when viewed at an angle.

People wonder the purpose of bezels? Bezels in Google’s tablet accommodate the two-front facing speakers. The speakers seem to be the ideal feature in the tablet that gives the right combination. They can fill the noise in a conference room without much distortion and even manage to combine a little bit of bass.


The Google tablet has aluminum body in one color- slate blue. You can easily notice the smudging of your fingers and hands on the body. However, it still manages to deliver you the solid and refined quality. The edges are round and looks like a larger version of a Pixel phone. You would even experience a fingerprint sensor which is integrated into the power button to log in.

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The Google slate is large big according to tablet standards but small by laptop standards. There isn’t a much difference between the size of iPad Pro and Google slate. On its own, the tablet weighs 1.6 pounds which is actually heavy. Moreover, you can even add the Google pixel Slate keyboard for your convenience, but it would add to the initial weight. The keyboard is “folio style” which means it has a cover that can be flapped to back of the device.

The keyboard can be attached via magnetic connector as the slate is designed very smartly which allows you to switch between tablet mode and laptop mode.

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Cost you might have to pay:

Google offers five various models that incorporates four Intel processor choice, three RAM options, four storage tiers. The basic model with an Intel Celeron processor costs you around $599 and as you choose for more advanced features you may end up paying more. However, the Pixel Slate keyboard is an additional feature to tablet, for which you may have to pay around $199.

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The Chrome OS featured in the slate contradicts with Google Play Store Android Apps to run on. As Android Apps do not work well on big screens and has been slow. For instance, YouTube is a big mess on slate size screen. However, you may still manage to view Android Apps on this slate but with too many bugs crashing your software.


There is a difference between Chrome OS and Android. Thus, understanding the features and specs of Chrome OS might be a bit difficult to operate. But, no worries we have got you the reviews to give you an enhanced knowledge.