Firmware Version 1.02 Is Available and Brings a Couple of Fixes for Nikon’s Flagship

Undoubtedly, the firmware has to be one of the most significant components of any digital camera in the modern age. With the new range of mirrorless cameras that are now being introduced to the market, the firmware is especially important to keep up with the additional range of electronics embedded in the cameras.


The Z7 was the first of its kind, mirrorless camera introduced by Nikon. Since its their flagship product, it is easily inferred that it is already quite capable and solid, and definitely shows that a lot of work has been put into its development. However, similar to any other first-generation products introduced before, the Nikon Z7 did not come without its fair share of issues.


As observed from their history, Nikon tends to reserve most firmware updates for DSLR cameras in the form of basic bug fixes. Unlike other companies in this competitive industry, Nikon has almost never introduced a range of new features within firmware updates and has surely been openly criticized for this.


However, mirrorless cameras work in a very different manner as compared to DSLR cameras. The Z7 has unique features such as a high-resolution electronic viewfinder and in-body image stabilization, both features that will ultimately require firmware updates that can improve the performance of the mirrorless camera.

Firmware Version 1.02 Is Available and Brings a Couple of Fixes for Nikon’s Flagship


Responding to the markets needs, Nikon has finally introduced a new firmware update for its Z7 mirrorless camera. The new Nikon firmware update for Z7 (version 1.02) is now available to all users and bring forth a number of critical fixes for the new full-frame mirrorless camera. To summarize, these would include resolving a continuous flickering issue, ISO selection problems faced by multiple users and an occasional crash that was reportedly occurring when attempting to access RAW files on the camera.


Alongside of these annual bug fixes, Nikon has made sure to add some performance enhancements as well.


Rundown of All Changes Made in Nikon Firmware Update for Z7


    1. Viewfinder: Since many users reported facing an issue that caused the display panel of the camera to glitch while viewing pictures after shooting with the viewfinder (in prioritize viewfinder settings in monitor mode), the Nikon firmware update for Z7 has addressed this and eliminated the problem entirely.


    1. Displaying RAW Photos: The Capture NX-D or ViewNX-i was reportedly crashing whenever the users tried to view NEF (Nikon Electronic Format) pictures taken in the HDR mode with the ‘save individual image’ setting on. This bug has been fixed by the Nikon firmware update for Z7.


    1. ISO Sensitivity: The Nikon firmware update for Z7 has addressed the issue revolving around the ISO sensitivity of the mirrorless camera. The ‘maximum sensitivity’ mode in the movie shooting menu can now be selected with the Electronic VR switched on from an ISO range of 200 to 20,000.


  1. Displays: The Nikon firmware update for Z7 has also reorganized their help panel in order to make usage of the camera easier and hassle-free.