The RF Mount Is Getting The Holy Trinity Of Lenses Soon

There has been a lot of talk and rumors about the new, what are being referred to as the “holy trinity” of lenses for the L series coming out soon. Canon has a 15-35 mm, a 24-70 mm and also a 70-200 mm f/2.8 that many folks are excited about. These are for made for their full-frame mirrorless cameras that make use of an RF mount. What has gotten people excited is that summer 2019 is the date expected for these.

lenses of canon camera

The Canon EOS R is already a fantastic camera and one that many photographers love to use. These new lenses though are going to really kick things up a notch and make it a camera that will be something both professionals and amateur photography enthusiasts alike can use.

The reason that these are being referred to as the holy trinity of camera lenses is that they will give you the three main focal ranges that you really want. So, these lenses would be something that a professional would certainly always have with them in their bag. It is going to certainly make the Canon EOS R a more attractive prospect for many people.

The three different lenses each have their own thing that makes them special and an essential part of any professional photographers’ arsenal. For example, the 15-35 MM is what you would use for shots of picturesque landscapes and anything that require a wider angle shot.

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The 24-70 MM is a standard zoom that lets you get close into the action. Then we have the 70-200 MM that is what you would use if you were looking to capture a bird swooping down or a footballer kicking a field goal. Each of the lenses has a purpose and that is what is making all three of these such a great purchase.

Canon has been talking long and hard about how the future for them is mirrorless. This is something that some photographers have not exactly been willing to get fully on board with. Well, there is a fully professional system, the Canon EOS R Pro Model that has been rumored for a while now. This could very well be what makes people make the jump to Canon and their mirrorless revolution.

canon camera lenses

As of writing the heavily rumored date for the holy trinity is July 2019. All three lenses are said to be released right around the same time. Of course, there is no “official” retail price for these yet and the date could always change. However, the end of summer does appear to be the latest that Canon wants these unleashed to the masses.

It is going to be very interesting to see how the release of these changes’ things for Canon and if this “Pro Model” does actually come out. These are certainly not going to be cheap, but there is no denying that having these three lenses in your bag will make sure you always have on hand a lens to capture any shot.