WhatsApp to tweak ‘delete for everyone’ feature – Delete for everyone, most demanded refresh of WhatsApp

WhatsApp to tweak ‘delete for everyone’ feature

WhatsApp Messenger update news reveals that WhatsApp is all geared up and set to bring a refresh to its feature ‘delete messages’ as this was the most demanded user features requested by users on this platform. However, now with the limited feature addition, the users who are the new Recipient cannot delete the messages merely by changing on their end the system settings. The new feature is believed to include even to stop senders also from deleting old messages that were sent earlier, a few weeks or months ago.

Delete for everyone, most demanded refresh of WhatsApp


What is new?


With the Recipient limit of a new addition, if the recipient device fails to receive a revoke message within the stipulated time of 13 hours, 8 minutes, and 16 seconds, the sent message cannot be deleted. However, the new recipient limit does not change anything for WhatsApp regular users. The recent WhatsApp update on the delete message is not available on the sender side for everyone, but for the recipient.


A Decision of the recipient


WhatsApp, the most favorite app is expected to include a recipient limit all-new feature that means if the recipient does not receive a revoke message until a particular time from the sender; it means the delivered message cannot be deleted towards the recipient side.


What it means


As per the limit feature of the new Recipient, in case the sender deletes a message that is sent to everyone, but the recipient does not receive the revoke request within a particular time say 13 hours, 8 minutes, and 16 seconds,  the sent message is not deleted or revoked. This may happen if the recipient’s phone for the entire duration was switched off and once the time limit crosses then the feature of revoke message will not work for the recipient. Nevertheless, as of now, it is not clear if the sender will receive notification or not, that the request for the revoke message was turned down owing to the time limit.


The Purpose


This new feature of WhatsApp is rolled out, but the recipient limits new feature such that it is added to stop users from removing the older delivered messages that they could do earlier by the system settings in the mobile.


The WhatsApp’s delete messages were the most demanded features for everyone and it allowed users to delete within 68 minutes a sent message, in case it was sent to a wrong recipient. This feature came initially with a time limit of nearly seven minutes and it was clearly not enough and so WhatsApp later decided and rose to over an hour the time limit.


WhatsApp has updated reportedly the rules for its feature ‘Delete for everyone’ to make the experience better than ever before. Initially, earlier this year, the feature allowed the users within seven minutes to delete messages was increased to one hour, eight minutes, and 16 seconds. There are new rules now created so that it restricts the deletion. The earlier system allowed everyone to delete messages; however, now there is the recipient limit to be updated.