Best free privacy software – Top free privacy software for anonymous browsing 

Privacy is a major concern of all internet users these days. It’s not something to be taken lightly. You’ve heard countless stories of people being hacked. These stories are true. Many people end up getting hacked without ever knowing about it. Here we’ll give you some much needed advice when it comes to internet security. You can’t be too secure. With that said, you shouldn’t be paranoid. No one should be allowed to ruin your internet experience. Don’t give them the opportunity to do that by staying protected.


A quick word about free VPN services


We all know just how important it is to use a VPN. This is especially true if you’re traveling and using WiFi. You should use a VPN when visiting your bank’s site or any other site that has very sensitive information. The free route may not be the best way to go when it comes to a VPN. Some of these providers may actually end up causing more problems than they protect. Many will use your computer like a proxy server and transmit data with it. This is data that you don’t know what it contains. Some of these companies provide you with a free VPN and sell access to your IP and what it can do on the internet. Your best bet is to find a cheap reliable VPN that will protect you. Go with the annual payment plan and it won’t be all that expensive.


Tor Browser


The Tor Browser is by far the best free method of protecting yourself online. It’s virtually impossible for anyone to spy on you while using it. The best part is the cost. It doesn’t cost you a single red cent. You’ll never have to pay money to use the Tor Browser. How does it work? Well, it’s complicated actually. The data is passed through many servers up until the point that it reaches you. None of these servers actually know who they are. It’s like shuffling a deck of cards. If you shuffle them up enough, eventually the cards will get lost in the mix.


The one thing that you should note about Tor is it can be very slow. You may also run into difficulties when using it for social media and other things. The reason for this is, sites like these can ban IP addresses if they do suspicious things. Someone using the Tor browswer may spam Facebook, for example. Facebook doesn’t know you’re a different user on the same IP address. They only see the IP address and assume you’re the same person.


Ad Blocker


Are you sick and tired of ads following you all over the internet? If so, then Ad Blocker is one way to prevent this. It will stop the ads dead in their tracks. You should note that the ads serve the purpose of paying for the content you enjoy on sites. You may want to turn it off when visiting sites that you find useful. This will enable them to make a little bit of money. But, you don’t have to. You’ll also notice that your internet surfing speeds will be faster since you don’t have to download all of those advertisements.


A word about privacy


There are other programs out there. You have to be very careful when using them. There have been some very shady software makers over the years. They make software that claim to rid your computer of malware and other things. In fact, this software is malware in itself. The best advice anyone will give you us to always keep your browsers and antivirus software up to date. Never ever run any software that’s outdated. Doing so risks not just the health of your computer, but also your security as well.