Win10 1803 Update Blue Screens

Win10 updates are known to have issues at times. The Autumn update is one of the most important ones with issues. That one deleted things randomly from the computer, so Microsoft had to postpone it until it was fixed. As you can imagine, issues like this are very hard for companies as large as Microsoft. Which does bring the question, why is the Win10 1803 update even worse?

This update in particular seems like a regular one. The problem with it is that it brought in lots of Surface Book 2 owners at the point of desperation. What happened is that customers ended up with a Blue Screen randomly when they wanted to boot the computer.

Apparently the update tried to fix a security issue, but instead it brought this random issue that no one expected. The thing to notice is that if you are dealing with the problem you will have to uninstall the patch or even reinstall Windows.

If you are a Surface 2 owner, you will have to make sure that you avoid or block this optional update. You will get the security update release from December, but not this one if you block it. Apparently Microsoft did end up finding what caused the bug, but it took them around a week to do that. As you can imagine, that’s quite a lot of time to identify and track a bug, so it’s crucial to understand this and actively figure out how to deal with the problem.

The issue for most customers is that the Surface 2 is the most expensive PC from Microsoft right now. So you expect them to be extremely careful with the way they work and how they protect the most expensive hardware they are delivering to customers. Apparently they can do better, as this fiasco clearly shows they are not bringing in the utmost support to their customers.

It seems that Microsoft tested a few patches internally and they are releasing them gradually with the idea of offering better support for customers. But as you can imagine, it’s extremely hard to know when and how such a problem can hit. The idea here is to make sure that you avoid any random update unless you really need it.

Saying that for a product that should be a flagship is downright problematic, but it’s the reality we are living in right now. It’s certainly very hard to figure out how to handle a problem like this, the best thing that you can do is to reinstall Windows and block this update from downloading and installing. Otherwise you will end up with, and that’s certainly something to avoid.

Should you avoid getting a Surface 2? Not really, but the fact that this is a very expensive unit with a potential blue screen problem might bring in second thoughts to people. On the other hand, you will be quite happy with the fact that Microsoft is at least pushing some solutions onward, as they should!