Long-term Servicing Branch (LTSB) Windows 10

The Long-term Servicing Branch is a very distinct brand of Windows 10. Unlike the Insider Preview version, the LTSB branch is designed with the idea that it will offer only important updates for enterprise users. Let’s face it, medical equipment, ATMs and PCs that control machines in a factory don’t really need the utmost features. Instead these need security and stability, nothing more than that. Sure, some extra features are great, but security and also some stability are the main concerns here.

That’s the reason why the Long-term Servicing Branch is suitable only for the Enterprise version of Windows 10. You will receive bugfixes as well as security updates for your Long-term Servicing Branch, but nothing more than that.

Plus, the interesting thing is that even if Microsoft offers a LTSB version with new features, you will have to reinstall. That’s because the LTSB branch isn’t automatically updated. This is a bit of a bummer for people that want to use this version often. But on the other hand you can understand why some people find it incredibly important and helpful.

Usually Microsoft releases a new major LTSB version every 2-3 years, depending on the situation. If you don’t want to use a particular version and you just want to skip it, then you can totally do that. Every version has stability and security updates for 10 years. As we mentioned, this is only valid if you are a Windows 10 Enterprise user that opts for the Long-term Servicing Branch.

Why should companies use the Long-term Servicing Branch? Because this version is designed to work a lot better and faster. Unlike the regular Win 10 versions, this one doesn’t have Edge, Cortana and the Store or any other extra apps like Weather, OneNote, News or Clock. The idea here is to eliminate all the extra stuff that companies don’t need. Instead, the true focus here is on offering the best and fastest user experience that people can get and to bring that to the next level all the time.

LTSB Windows 10

While you will lack some features, you will more than make up for that with performance and stability. Even if small features might not seem like much, they all drain system resources. The Long-term Servicing Branch version is all about allowing you to squeeze all the computing power you want. Enterprise users need this all the time, so having the ability to do that is very impressive.

However, you can’t use this on a regular PC. You will only be able to use the Long-term Servicing Branch on the rare, mission critical devices. It’s hard to access this version too, you will need to show that you are indeed a company and you really need access to this kind of operating system. Otherwise you will not be able to get it. And it makes sense, because regular PC users need more features and certain updates that enterprise users do not. Whether the Long-term Servicing Branch updates will be regular or not, that’s hard to say, but it might very well be a great experience either way!