CyberLink PhotoDirector 5 review – The best photo editing software for the casual users



Cyberlink have released their fifth version of PhotoDirector; editing system and photo tagging with thirteen new highlights and updated features, for example, Bracketed HDR, Auto focal lens correction and Split toning. PhotoDirector 5 offers a photographer to give a touch of additional proficient features to its photography.




There are two versions of PhotoDirector 5; Suite and Ultra. However, Ultra sounding is the basic version without any premium option. So, if you subscribe the basic version, you only might have access to limited functions in this program. Still you can pay additional £20 for high-definition quality picture and video.


CyberLink PhotoDirector 5 review – The best photo editing software for the casual users

How does it work?


Version 5 is sub-divided into five sectors. The initial sector(Library) is featured to file and categorize all your pictures. You must import your pictures through the File drop down at the heading of the page.


Below the library tab, is a tab titled with Project that shows the file uploaded with your images. Click the tab of Metadata and you will be presented with all the EXIF data with copyright and tags at bottom. All the pictures can be moved to Adjustment tab, once they are copyrighted and tagged.


Adjustment tab has two divisions; Manual and Presets. The editing program defaults to Manual but if you are constraint of time then you can use variety of preset filters. In addition, there are more alternatives of adjusting regional areas such as cropping, red-eye and changing the white balance temperature, saturation, contrast levels and adding HDR effect.


Setup and Pricing?


PhotoDirector works well with both the Windows (7SP1 and forthcoming) and MacBook (10.11 and forthcoming). The installation of application eats up your 285MB Windows’ space and 425MB of Macs’ space. However, once launched the program demands more than 800MB on your laptop’s disk. Unfortunately, the trial is not updated with a licensed version, thus you would have to reinstall it if you plan to purchase it.


Additionally, high- DPI monitors, such as 4K touch screen Asus Zen Aio Pro can be used to have access to the features of PhotoDirector. Also, there is a complementary Windows tablet version of PhotoDirector to edit your pictures on the go.


The Ultra package costs around $99.99 though you can always find discounts going on. You can opt for PhotoDirector along with added features of PowerDirector (video-editor) for $139 on CyberLink. Another alternative is Director Suite 365 that costs $129.99 per year with a subscription plan that comprises of CyberLink’s media software along with content packs, plug-ins and cloud storage with a limit of 100GB. You can update your current version for comparison by purchasing Photoshop Elements at $99. Even you can get the version 4 upgraded to 5 just in $59.99.


Despite, making any payments before using it you can now have a free-trial of PhotoDirector for 30-days by just logging in with your email address. Yes, it’s that simple!




You can now reap excessive benefits at a reasonable price with CyberLink PhotoDirector. As it constitutes all the basic photo-editing tools along with bunch of upgraded features. For instance, geotagging, pixel level photo editing and Adobe Photoshop Elements that can be used by professional photographers too.