Latest Windows 10 Updates Don’t Fail to Cause Controversy

As the world’s largest operating system by number, life is never easy for Windows or a Windows user.


But the latest updates to Windows 10 have been a major pain for a lot of people.


From major issues with hardware after updates to failing to fix longstanding bugs, Windows 10 is not an easy OS to live with as a PC user.


The latest version update, 1809, has fixed some major issues but caused new ones all the while.



In this article, we’ll talk about some of the major issues plaguing Windows 10 post update 1809.

One huge issue that is bugging a ton of people is that mapped drives are failing to reconnect after updating the OS. This plagues Windows 10 1809 as well as Windows Server. Even running the “net use” command doesn’t work on these formerly mapped drives. There is a workaround which you can do – click here to learn more about that ( Other than that, users can wait for an update in 2019 that promises to fix the issue.


Another issue is that OfficeScan users are finding their ability to update their device blocked. Users will have to wait for a patch from TrendMicro to fix this issue.


Due to AMD’s ending support for Radeon HD2000 and HD4000 series graphic processor units (GPUs), some systems using those that update to Windows 10 1809 may lose functionality in the Microsoft Edge web browser. Systems using this hardware shouldn’t be able to update to Windows 10 1809 due to an upgrade block put in place by Microsoft.


F5 VPN clients may lose connectivity when in split tunnel configuration after upgrading to Windows 10 1809. Microsoft is working on a resolution to this problem. Users can obtain some guidance on the issue from F5 by clicking here (


Apple has also identified a host of issues with the latest Windows update which may affect how its devices work with the PC.


Users that upgrade to Windows 10 1809 are having issues using iCloud, among other things. The photo upload service that powers many Apple smartphones and tablets, iCloud is typically part of the iTunes software suite. An upgrade block is in place and Microsoft is making sure any Windows 10 system running iCloud is not able to upgrade to Windows 1809.


Outside of that, Apple and Microsoft are working together on a solution to the problem which should surface in a future update for Windows 10.


For the most part, Microsoft seems to have gotten on top of things with issues regarding the latest update for Windows 10. Many major things are under an “upgrade block” but this list is probably not exhaustive of the kinds of things that are lurking out there under the surface.


One good rule of thumb is to up disable automatic updates because you never know what issues might arise.