Audello Review – Take your video marketing efforts to the next levelw

Easy Video Suite can be defined as the most popular online video marketing tool that can be found in the present world. The creators of the above mentioned tool have now taken necessary measures to make the life easy for all the people who were looking for a convenient platform to promote their audio files or podcasts. They have named this audio marketing tool as Audello. Keep on reading this article to figure out more about Audello and see what it can offer you.


According to the developers of Audello, it has the potential to bring revolutionary effects to your podcast and audio marketing campaigns. If you are tired of traditional email marketing efforts, you can think of switching into Audello without any hesitation as it offers a wide range of benefits and advantages.


Audello has the potential to offer detailed reports about your audio or podcast marketing campaigns. For example, you can check how many people have accessed your files, what files are popular among the target market and what type of devices that they are using to listen to the audio data. You can even get geographical information from heat maps, which can be used to simplify your marketing efforts in the future. Besides, you can schedule all your podcasts with this tool and make them available for the people at the right time.

Audello Review – Take your video marketing efforts to the next level


Audello can simply be integrated with other related platforms that you can see on the Internet. For instance, you need to go through a few clicks to publish your audio files on iTunes through Audello. The best thing about this tool is that it can keep you away from all the complex activities such as RSS feeds and other tech bits. All the instructions will be delivered to you in step by step manner, and you need to follow them. You can also use Audello to import podcast files that are located on major hosting platforms. It is compatible with a lot of hosting platforms available out there, and you can take the full advantage of it and look for the podcasts you want at any time.


People who use Audello can gain full control over their audio files. The built-in audio player plays a significant role behind the above mentioned fact. You can add customized players, create or edit playlists, share them on different online platforms, ensure security through password protection and even give ratings to them.


Audello comes along with some excellent customer support features. These features can be used to create audio bars for your website in a convenient way. This has impressed a lot of customers who are planning to sell audio content through their sites. The buy button and audio message features are icing on the cake. For instance, you can interactively engage with your potential visitors through the audio messages and tempt them to buy your content.


Audello has also introduced an innovative commenting system through their platform. You can use this feature to integrate your podcasts or audio players with some of the biggest social media networks available. If you can share your content in popular social media networks such as Facebook, you will be able to grab the attention of a lot of potential buyers conveniently. Moreover, they will tend to share your content within the network, which can enhance your visibility at the end of the day. It can also be defined as a convenient option available to engage with your potential buyers.


Audello comes along with an impressive mobile app as well. Once you install this mobile app on your smartphone, you can carry your audio files wherever you go and access them at any time you want. You can also record audio notes from this mobile app and share them on different platforms. In other words, you can record something and publish it right away from the Audello mobile app. However, this mobile app comes with a limited number of features, and if you want to get the best out of Audello, you will have to go for the desktop app. It is associated with the Audello command center, which can be used to manage your audio files and podcasts according to the way you want. You can even add thumbnail images to your audio files from this app.


Another notable feature that you can see in Audello is its capability to record Skype calls. This will help a lot of people who are getting tutorials over Skype. Now you can record all of them with perfect sound quality, convert to any file format you want and publish on the Internet with few simple clicks. You can also edit the podcasts according to the way you want through the features delivered by Audello. It can assist you to cut off all the unnecessary parts and create the best engagement.


If you have a massive audio collection and you find it as a hard task to manage all those files, you can think of seeking the assistance of Audello. The features delivered by this tool are fully interactive and responsive. The beautiful looking players can add a lot more to your audio sharing experience. They come along with viral gateways, notes, chapters, social sharing, comments and more. You can make anything go live with minimum effort through these features.


Listening to audio or managing audio files will be a convenient experience with the help of Audello. You will fall in love with all the features that are provided by it to you in the long run. The developers behind Audello are continually working hard to make it a better product when compared to other options available in the market. Therefore, you can go ahead with Audello without keeping any doubts or second thoughts in your mind. It can deliver a great experience to you.