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Comparing iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max: The Max Is the attention-grabber

Apple iPhone XS, a 5.8 inch iPhone has enhancements as its sibling. It has improved cameras, faster A12 processor, impressive bokeh controls, and Smart HDR. Of course, the 6.5 inches XS Max also has everything expected in a Smartphone that you cannot put it down. The price of the iPhone XS and XS Max starts at $999 and $1099, respectively for the base models.

iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max

  • A12 Bionic chip is faster than Android phones.
  • Cameras are good even in low light and for a portrait, the Depth Control works the best.
  • iPhone XSMax has longer battery life and larger screen at 6.5 inches than XS.

Upgrading to iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max is worthy if you are iPhone 7 or some other earlier device owner.

Price of the iPhone XS and XS Max

Though it is not actually heavier to the iPhone 8 plus, definitely the iPhone XS Max is a leap that is taking into a new generation or model. People are sure to like this extra weight and will pretty quickly get used to it.

The struggle is after using for a few months also the screen upper corners are not easy to reach. Apple has removed the bezel and the Home button and squeezed a display of 6.5-inch screen on the XS Max iPhone, thereby offering an extra inch.

The iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max possess the most durable glass on the front and back in a smartphone.  The front and back are all-glass held together by stainless steel bands in “surgical-grade” in between, and the finish overall is everything to expect from an iPhone.

The only unexpected part is the asymmetrical speaker grilles. There are few holes extra to the right than the left side, and surely this appears to be a little bit problematic. It is a strange move for a company that has usability compromised for perfect visual design and symmetry.

Design: Supersized and Regular

People carrying the iPhone 7 Plus in 5.5-inch for over a year may feel the iPhone XS Max be familiar as it is almost the same size, but the display with 6.5 inches is larger. The iPhone XS in 5.8-inch is better optimized facilitating using one-handed.  It is narrower and shorter than the iPhone XS Max.

The good news is the handsets of Apple’s that come minus the home button and the bezels.  Definitely, Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is taller and bit thicker.

However, regardless of the iPhone you choose, the gold color looks gorgeous.   The glass, its ambient light delivers different shades and the steel adds bling.  It features a durable glass. Apple has scaled the height of durability. They withstand water and dust for 30 minutes.

Bolder and bigger is the Apple phone, especially the OLED display of the iPhone XS Max’s. It is a sight to behold at 6.5 inches that allows to a split-view mode in Apple apps. The phone offers a good feel like a desktop.

The Super Retina on both iPhones new is bright. The OLED panels are colorful and cover the SRGB color gamut. The iPhones screen hues are accurate and have acquired an E-rating.

The iPhone XS Max gives a chunky feel, but the huge display crammed helps to do a good job update. The external steel frame and the front and rear glass are tougher on the iPhone X glass such that the iPhone XS Max offers a supreme feel and look, though its resistance to water and dust is enhanced.

Apple upped to IP68 protection, enabling the XS Max iPhone that it can be submerged for 30 minutes to a depth of two meters and it will experience no ill effects. Apple claims the protection is tested in a few liquids, including chlorinated water, salt water, beer, wine, and milk. Yet, it is not advised to expose your handset purposefully to these liquids.

This is said because the warranty from Apple’s same as other phone manufacturers offers no cover for the damage caused due to liquid contact. This means in case the resistance of liquid fails, nothing will be covered.

No Headphone

The new Apple iPhone XS Max comes without any headphone jack. There is Apple Earpods pair in the box with iPhone XS Max with a lighting connector. Plugging into the phone base lighting port means at the same time, you cannot charge with the cable.

Fortunately, the iPhone XS Max support charging wireless. It means a charging pad can to the handset up while listening to headphones as a wired set. The XS Max lock/power key is to the right and it can be operated using your forefinger or thumb, while the keys of the volume are placed on the left below the mute switch.

If you hold the lock or power key down, Siri will be up. Thus, it means turning off the iPhone XS Max that needs you to hold the power down and to up volume keys until the prompt on-screen appears.

The SIM card tray is positioned below this key, a new feature within the iPhone XS Max and XS. This is a dual SIM enabled handset, with an eSIM embedded within the handset. You can insert a SIM of your choice of carrier and enable eSIM on different carrier or plan.  The fact is worth noting that the eSIM technology does not support all carriers and may differ with the regions. It is best to assure prior to signing up for anything.

Apple has not moved from the iPhone X and XS Max design, but for stretching a little. Of course, there is a new option of color, the gold finish in both XS and XS Max that it appears elite and the subtle gold finish gives a classy finish. People who find the gold color to be too much can go for the silver and Gray color options in iPhone Xs Max.

All three finishes in iPhone XS and XS Max look good. The Gold should be the choice for people wishing for outstanding something.  Of course, the majority of people eventually put their iPhone a hideous case. Thus the color they pick does not matter actually, to begin with.


This is one area that Apple must improve with the iPhone camera. The iPhone XS and XS Max with dual cameras 12 MP have deeper and bigger pixels allowing light up to 50% without compromising on sharpness.

The iPhone XS offers the advantage of a Smart HDR mode. They feature enhanced ISP and Apple takes advantage of advanced algorithms and faster sensors offering more shadow details and highlights in the photos. With zoom in iPhone XS delivers details. It offers Depth Control that you can tweak the field depth after a shoot.

The camera of iPhone XS’ is perfect at close-ups. The True Depth with 7 MP front camera is beneficial with iPhone XS and XS Max as it features advanced Smart HDR and bokeh controls. The light stage effect keeps your face bright.

Smart HDR ensures you to capture shots.  The performance of low light is an issue with Apple for quite some time and that has improved well.  The iPhone does not have party trick such as night-sight.

Portrait mode is amazing at the front and rear cameras. An update of the recent software has fixed the selfie camera of the iPhone XS. There are depth controls new now allowing adjusting for portrait shots the field depth, and this is an appreciable touch.

The iPhone is at the chart top consistently with iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max camera tests. This is because you can shoot up to 60 fps 4K and this is a feature that the most renowned flagships of Android do not have.

If you consider shooting at 30fps or maybe even higher is possible owing to the default new setting. The iPhone allows dropping down dynamically down to 24 fps from the frame rate that even in poorly lit conditions, more light is let in. This improves the quality of the videos and now the new iPhone does support stereo recording.


The first 7-nanometer chip A12 Bionic processor is equipped in this phone. Apple claims these high-performance cores are up to 15 percent faster in this 6-core processor and the 4-core GPU is faster up to 50 %.

Before getting to the scores, it is crucial to note the Face ID is faster on iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. It is owing to speedier A12 chip and iOS12 algorithms. The iPhone XS and XS Max also are the best in video editing.

For people, craving for more video and gaming screen on the move will find the iPhone XS Max with expansive display to be a welcome addition to the lineup of Apple. However, those looking for a premium experience and not expecting any supersized dimension may find their comfort with iPhone XS launch.

Price of the iPhone XS and XS Max

As expected, there are no issues regarding performance with respect to regular tasks on the new Apple iPhone models. In fact, gaming is a breeze work and playing at highest settings games that are on-demand such as PUBG Mobile or Asphalt 9 is without issues.

Neural Engine and AR

The Neural Engine next-generation on the iPhone XS has the A12 Bionic inside and is faster offering a sizable boost in AR apps. The iPhone XS Max loads faster, scans and places the virtual world more quickly on a table.

The audio boost is good in both phones that the need for a Bluetooth speaker connection may not be necessary. Apple widened the stereo sound. 

Battery Life and Charging

The iPhone Xs has a 2658mAh battery and the XS Max ha 2174mAh battery. For longer endurance, iPhone XS Max is recommended. The iPhone Xs offers faster wireless charging. However, Apple has not considered fast wired charging, though all the Android phone makers give with its flagships.

Apple should have considered switching to USB-C for iPhones or could have at least given it as an accessory in accompaniment.

You can have fun on the new phones if you are into Memoji or Animoji.  The iPhone XS and XS Max with its TrueDepth camera are able to map around facial movements and insert outgoing messages. You may use Facetime chats making use of Memoji and Animoji.

Other highlights of iOS 12 include Screen Time to keep better tabs on the usage of the app, smarter search and Do Not Disturb mode ability to schedule.

The iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max last for a full workday without causing any trouble.  However, the iPhone XS Max survives with heavy workloads without you looking for charges. The iPhone XS Max on regular days also should be left by the day end with somewhere between 20 and 30 Percent charge.

Gigabit LTE and Dual-SIM

The iPhone XS and XS Max feature Gigabit-class LTE. The blazing speed is the result.  During upload on the iPhone XS, it is 18.6 Mbps and with iPhone XS Max it pulls 25.4 Mbps. The iPhone XS Max downloads at slower speeds in comparison to the uploads that are slightly faster.

Bottom Line

The iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max are the best phones to buy, and if you wish to upgrade iPhone 6 or 7 these new handsets will prove a leap forward. The cameras are the best in miles and the A12 chip offers a huge boost.

Apple seems confident about the iPhone XS and XS Max models offering the value for the buck as it has best in class performance, fine cameras, and guarantee software updates.

Considering XS and XS Max, iPhone XS Max is immersive with display 6.5 inch, bigger and has longer battery life. However, the new iPhone XS is equally worth buying if you are looking for a one-hand friendly mobile.

Comparing iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max: The Max Is the attention-grabber

Front Line:

Apple iPhone XS, a 5.8 inch iPhone has enhancements as its sibling. It has improved cameras, faster A12 processor, impressive bokeh controls, and Smart HDR. Of course, the 6.5 inches XS Max also has everything...