iOS 12.0: Why the software is just another one

iOS 12 hit all apple devices in September, 2018 and there’s a lot to say about it. In the upcoming days, an update of the software called iOS 12.1 was released. In this feature we weill be commenting on the new improvements made to the software and the issues that Apple has tried to circumvent.


Now it’s not new that the iphone is an exclusive, and that it’s software is too. In fact, this is what makes the iphone so distinct from all other potential phones such as the Samsung A9 pro. If you’re like any person, you’re afraid to update your phone or apple device knowing it’ll cause it to be laggy as most customers and apple users have complained.


What’s new?


Just like any other update, the software promises to “fix bugs” (whatever the term means, for our sake we hope it means no frozen screens) and better performance. Apple continues to update it’s software and has been throughout the entire year.


An update does more than fix bugs though. It offers new features to it’s customers and with the new software, it allows group Facetime. A feature much requested by Apple users all around the globe for years since the popularity of the iphone. Despite many not expecting Apple to pull that move, the feature was greeted and welcomed with delight with a strong reaction of surprise. In addition to this, the new software also brings beautygate fix,(for those using the XS) and new emojis.




With facetime now enabling you to group call with 32 participants at a time, the feature is no doubt a much needed one. Whilst it was long rumoured before it’s release that it was arriving, Apple delayed it’s release date to present the feature with no issues and so far we have none.




Ahh, the emojis. Known to be somewhat unnecessary by those who don’t use the emoji keyboard or even by those who are low-key fans, it’s is undeniable that the new set of emojis is just another set to be added to the collection, ones requested by Apple users. Cool, but we aren’t feeling the feature as we did with Facetime’s new one.


Beauty Gate:


Look like you’ve been born yesterday with a powdered face? You’re not the only one. When people started sharing feedback of the new feature, the fact that a selfie could now look artificial was something the loyal Apple followers did not approve of. The update was released in response to fixing this and by some extent, it has. Another point in favour of the new software.


Whilst the update was directed more towards buyers of the iphone XS and Xs max, other users of Apple had a positive response to the update and wonder if Apple can do something about the “limited storage “ issue soon too.