6 Best Android Apps You should Know in 2018

There is no doubt that android apps help Android owner in many ways. There are about 3, 5 million apps at Google Play Store. This vast number can be intimidating for many Android owners. Millions of people download different types of apps every day. Some application can be downloaded for free while others will cost you some money. Free apps usually supported by sponsorship or some kind of advertising. Good apps usually cost a small amount of money from the user. However, there are many great applications that you can use for free. Here are some best free and paid android apps that you should have.


1. Evernote


Evernote is a great android app that works on various tasks like note taker, list keeper, voice recorder, webpage clipper, and many other useful digital tools. At first, you may feel a bit, but after some time you will find this app is brilliantly useful. This application is equipped with OCR or Optical Character Recognition. This means that any text in a photo can be captured by Evernote.



2. Lasspass Password Manager


Laspass is a popular Android app that has been downloaded by millions of people around the globe. This app allows you to save your login data most safely and securely possible. Laspass also able enable you to generate an almost impossible password for your important account. These entire passwords are protected by a master password. This is a free android app, but if you want to update to pro version, it will cost eser a certain amount of money.

Lasspass Password Manager


3. Swiftkey Keyboard


This is a third-party keyboard that can be customized. Swiftkey Keyboard is one of the most robust keyboards that has a powerful predictive engine that obviously better than any other keyboard ever made. This keyboard comes with various brilliant features like gesture typing, supported with many different languages and more.

Swiftkey Keyboard


4. Google Drive Suite


If you are looking for the best cloud storage solution than Google Drive Suite is for you. Google Drive offers 15 GB free storage for a new user. If you want more storage space, you can upgrade as you wish. Google drive is also equipped with Google doc, google slide, Google sheet, Google calendar, Google keep and Google photo. Additionally, Google Drive also has many exciting features like deep sharing feature and live collaboration. Google drive suite is also compatible with Microsoft Office document.

Google Drive Suite


5. Google Maps


Every Android owner love Google maps. Google maps are regularly updated with a new thing to add a huge list of existing features. Google maps enable the user to access various type of interesting place, direction to certain thing like gas station, market, a popular landmark, rest stops and many more.

Google Maps


6. 1weather


1weather is the best weather application available. This app comes with a various type of important information like current weather condition, weather forecast, radar, meteorology fun fact and more. This app comes with a free and paid version.



Android owner can download a wide range of application for different purposes. However, it is very important that you choose the best apps that suitable for your needs. After all, you cannot download all apps available.