The growing number of people who like to game on the go have contributed to making the gaming phones category an interesting class of mobile phone production in recent times. 2018 in itself has been a year that saw massive design changes among too tech companies and the Razer phone 2 makes the top of our list of best gaming phone 2018 for numerous reasons.

RAZER PHONE 2 centric phone


Smartphones were, of course, made to play games but there have been problems with regular smartphones handling protracted hours of high graphics use. Most obvious needed to provide a phone with a powerful processor, high-end audio, large memory, and a responsive, beautiful display while avoiding overheating. Then came gaming phones to serve the purpose of Mobil gaming while still handling regular phone duties.


Just like its predecessor, Razer phone 2 did not change much in design. It still shared a similar chunky bezel at the top and bottom, which houses the Dolby-tuned front-facing stereo speakers. However, the speakers are tipped to be louder and clearer than on the first Razer phone.

RAZER PHONE 2 powerful processor


The rear of the phone, however, is now made from Gorilla Glass 5 which allows wireless charging. Also, the dual camera lenses now have a more central position. Noticeable is the Razer logo which comes alive with RGB lights. This branding sports 16.8 million colors, can be customized with different lighting effects and reacts to notifications… Awesome! Isn’t it?


The Razer phone 2 has an impressive 5.7-inch UltraMotion LCD display with 120Hz refresh rate which provides incredibly smooth gaming and day-to-day use. The UltraMotion LCD display is also brighter than its predecessor and most other gaming phones out there.  IP67 eating also means your phone would survive a drop in the pool.

RAZER PHONE 2 high-end audio


Tasks are smoothly handled by the Snapdragon 845 processor, powerful enough for rigorous gaming. Also featured is a cooling system to keep the chipset cool during strenuous use. A vapor chamber and wide surface area are provided to help draw heat away from the components.


Razer also introduced the cortex app to help manage apps on the device. It features games boater which allows the user to tweak settings such as resolution, screen refresh rate and many other functions. The app also organized game collections and gives suggestions on 120Hz enabled games in the store.

RAZER PHONE 2 beautiful display while avoiding overheating


The phone is packed with 8GB RAM of memory and 4000mAh of battery to ensure you do not run out of juice throughout the day. It sticks mostly to the near-interface of stock Android experience. This helps avoid clutter and allows minimal power consumption without compromising on performance. Though there is no earphone jack, the Razer phone 2 released the type-C hammerhead USB earphone to work well for an immersive experience.

RAZER PHONE 2 Dolby-tuned front-facing stereo speakers


Overall, the Razer phone 2 outperforms other gaming phones released this year with its unmatched display and available software. With a starting price of $799, this is a promise of immersive entertainment for mobile game lovers worldwide.


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