Samsung to launch Galaxy A9 (2018) with four cameras – Samsung Galaxy A9 with four Advance back camera scheduled to launch in November

The Samsung A9: Why it’s a class apart


Quad cameras are the next big thing or so it seems to the tech giant Samsung. Releasing their new Samsung A9, buyers can’t help but wonder what the new device has to offer. Although it was a matter of time for a step up in technology, we are pleasantly surprised.


Specifying the Specs


The Samsung Galaxy A9 pro comes in arrange of colors including bubblegum pink and lemonade. Whilst these aren’t your conventional shades, it’s this notable feature that appeals to customers all around the globe. With a glass back and 162.5 x 77 x 7.8mm body, the A9 is not so different from its predecessors. However, there are notable features of the device which draws a good contrast to the rest of its rivals in the market including the iPhone XS.


Its front-facing camera is 24MP with a fixed focus, which is impressive. With the software being 8.0, one would expect that the phone is really not very different from the other Samsung phone categories. Let’s face it though; to all the non-tech individuals out here, (most of us to be honest) don’t settle for much other than good battery life, storage, and camera. Three necessities, if you will.




Although the phone presents newer features, it has the same sturdy build of its previous generations, proving to be a great let down. Known for it’s “infinite display” design, the device has a larger than usual screen, again, not surprising for Samsung.


The A9 is one attractive phone to look at, especially in its bubblegum and lemonade flavors (colors, I mean) which include a subtle, intricate design underneath the glass back. The Caviar black is less appealing, however, due to “business” look which I’m guessing is for most work-oriented people.


One striking feature of the phone, however, is that it’s a glass back has a built-in fingerprint magnet. Whilst the A9 can sit still and not really slip out of your hand (like the iPhone) it’s large size makes it incredibly hard to tilt and use in bed at times. The large size discourages a good grip and results in it being largely unwieldy. Due to its curved edges, the device is also hard to pick up form the surface, sending us back to the S8 generation which had the problem. Promising better grip, the phone is a let down in that department as it is clear that the grip has not improved significantly.


Talking about the back of the camera, the S9 has four. Seems kind of unnecessary and cool at the same time, doesn’t it? The four cameras are placed in a manner that is appealing and unobtrusive, a point that goes in favor of the S9.


In conclusion, the A9 has perks of its own whilst being not too different from the S8 generation. If you’re a fan of the franchise and are considering an upgrade, this is probably your best bet.