LG’s, 4K projector- Laser Home Theater Projector for smart homes

Do you wish to enjoy the experience of a premium theater in your room, consider buying the LG 4K projector Online. You can enjoy a detailed picture quality of 4K that is bright and offer cinematic display up to 150”.


All you have to do is grab the projector and plug it. Next is to take the remote, insert 1 AA batteries and you are set to go. There are no other accessories or parts, no filters to clean, and no lamps to replace.

LG’s, 4K projector- Laser Home Theater Projector for smart homes


The advantage is that the LG’s 4K projector can be picked and carried by handle anywhere. You can plop it on the floor down, or use the mirror flap to get the image shine at your screen. You need not find a special table to position it as it can be placed anywhere.


2 Steps:


  • Turn the power button of the projector on.
  • Get some coffee while the projector spends time in brightening or warming up.


With LG:


  • Turn on the power button of the projector.
  • Use projector immediately, and enjoy full brightness.
  • The lasers are amazing




The LG features three settings of brightness. It presents energy saving and the LG offers absolute picture. The colors are punchy, while the sharpness is excellent.


The picture is good and there is color temperature settings labeled as medium, cool, natural, and warm.  The setting is natural and is the brightest offering double lumen power as the brightest option. It is cool with brightness and it is warm around 20%.


    • Zoom lens. The projector is the brightest with 1.2 x zoom featuring widest angle setting. The lumen output losses are 7% and when set to maximum telephoto zoom range end.


    • The potential brightness is lost around 4% as it is used with mirror directly projecting. The mirror mechanism is less impressive and if you lift it up and down manually, once for a few seconds, you will notice the keystone getting automatically adjusted.


    • The uniformity is 87% from the projector as brightness at the zoom wide angle end and with the telephoto end with 92%. With the usage of 47″ chip from any 4K projector, it offers excellent uniformity.


    • A quiet projector is LG’s 4K projector ensuring energy savings and the noise is audible even with low pitch. It has minimum lag input featuring processing features such as True Motion getting turned off in 71 ms.