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LapGear Home Office Lap Desk – Silver Carbon

Today, laptops are part of our lives. Laptops are popular because of their portability. Whether you are using it for work or gaming and any other form of entertainment, it offers great experiences. The fact that you can stay connected or finalize on your documents anywhere on a bigger screen than a smartphone is an exciting trend of the 21st century. Laptops are now part of office equipment; they are common on office desks.

While they offer all the flexibility in an office setup where you can move from one office to another to share a screen or carry your work home or finish tasks while on a trip, it can be challenging on uneven surfaces or laps. Also, while laptops are independent with a mouse, most people find it efficient to use a portable mouse. In this case, a limited working area when seated on a plane or anywhere apart from a desk proves to be cumbersome.

LapGear Home Office Lap Desk – Silver Carbon

Lap Desk

A lap desk helps you organize your accessories on a flat surface. It provides a comfortable working area for flexibility. If you need to make quick notes, a mouse pad provides a flat surface for your working.

Besides, a lap desk includes breathing space for the laptop. Cooling is crucial for a laptop to maintain its functionality.

LapGear Home Office Lap Desk – Silver Carbon

The silver carbon and spongy lap desk offer comfort and flexibility when operating on your laptop. Irrespective of how long you will be spending on the laptop screen playing or working, it gives you an illusion of the office. Actually, the flat surface is better than an office desk because it is customized to keep other accessories in place.

LapGear with phone holder

The manufacturer has customized this lap desk to include a phone holder. You are free to operate your phone and synchronize files with your laptop without any worry of dropping it, especially if you are in a moving car. The top surface of the lap desk is designed to keep the laptop in place.

It is also fitted with a handle to help with portability. If you intend to use it, the lap desk is foldable and can easily be carried. It is light. Additionally, it can fit in your backpack for more flexibility.

LapGear home has a breathable space

The bottom is designed to allow cooling of your laptop. Depending on the structure of your laptop, whether it is a Mac or any other brand, the vents can be adjusted to allow cooling of the laptop. The fact that the surface has grip, you are sure your laptop is safe when you have moved or place it temporarily on a car seat. It won’t fall off.


LapGear home comes with silver carbon and spongy lap desk

A phone slot distinguishes this product from all other lap desks. The fact that you can operate your phone efficiently like on a desk while working on your laptop is amazing. The surface is wide enough; it accommodates all laptops up to 17”. A mouse pad on the right edge makes it easy to operate and navigate on your screen. Instead of using your lap both for holding a laptop and mouse surface, the desk provides a flat and wide working area.

The main material is polyester fabric. It is enhanced with extra stitching for durability. It is also tough to withstand any form of aggression. Of course, you should strive to maintain it but it can withstand mild damages. The tough fabric is also for creating a sturdy surface for holding the laptop; you can’t work on a shaky surface.

On the top, cents allow free airflow, which is crucial for cooling your system as recommended by laptop manufacturers. The vents are on the top flat surface where your laptop lies. The bottom is designed for comfort. It is fitted with two cushions on both sides to help in spreading the weight on your lap. The extra padding is for comfort; you won’t get tired no matter how long you hold the laptop.



  • 36 lb
  • Measures 22.5″ x 12″ x 2.6″
  • Tough Fabric
  • Silver carbon cover
  • 5″ x 0.75″ phone slot dimensions
  • 600D polyester



Lap desk is not only suitable but necessary. Whether you are using an office desk or not, you need this accessory. The top surface can adjust to an ergonomic design to ease your view. One of the top concerns in the 21st century is back and neck pain because of long sitting hours on a laptop. The adjustable surface to elevate in the desired angle makes it essential.

The lap desk helps reduce risks of drink spillage to your keyboard. You can go on with snacking without fear of damaging your laptop. Also, laptops have strong radiations, which pose health risks when placed directly on the lap, especially for men. Lap desk protects you from these hazards.

LapGear Home Office Lap Desk – Silver Carbon

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Today, laptops are part of our lives. Laptops are popular because of their portability. Whether you are using it for work or gaming and any other form of entertainment, it offers great experiences. The fact...

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