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40L Laptop Backpack

This laptop backpack proves the evolution of the backpack over time. Technology advancement has led to the introduction of equally advanced accessories to match the new devices. The laptop backpack comes with increased technology to handle the needs of the user. This Backpack may not offer the latest cutting-edge technologies but has enough to match-up with the evolution of the laptop. It has exciting features that help the new generation user to benefit from the relevant utilities. It addresses the requirements of most users.

Some of the most outstanding benefits of the backpack include the USB charger. These accessories have a USB charging port to ensure your phone and other devices are charged. The backpack does not provide the source by itself. Instead, it provides the connection to the laptop to allow the charge. Most importantly, they are strong and rugged. They are made of a combination of materials to keep the contents safe and protected. The backpack protects the contents in the bag form harm by providing soft padding for shock absorbance.

0L Laptop Backpack

40L Laptop Backpack with USB Charger

40L Laptop Backpack with luggage velcro

40L Laptop Backpack - lightweight and waterproof

It is a unisex item useful for College School students of the current generation. The combination of features give it the name ‘smart backpack’. This technology-sensitive item is also durable and rugged enough to withstand drops and scratches. It also allows carrying extra items within the bag. You can insert all accessories of the laptop in compartments within the bag as there are many options inside. It is also waterproof and soft on skin.

The Design

1. Adequate Room

The smart backpack is built with enough room to house all standard laptops. There is also space for other laptop accessories. It comes with compartments and spaces that allow accessories to fit without scratching or moving as you move the bag. The inside is soft and durable plus the appropriate material to keep your items intact during movement. This item comes in black and grey colors and one size. It is lightweight and waterproof.

2. Practical Design

The 40L backpack is convenient because it has an inbuilt charging cable. This means you do not have to stop to charge your devices. These devices are necessary today and we all need to re-charge a variety of devices in our possession besides the laptop. Since most of the electronics are chargeable by USB ports, the bag allows you to make life easy. The rugged handle with steel cable on the top is strong and essential.

The side compression helps to keep the backpack in its original size when empty. It allows more items but falls back into place when necessary. Note that there is no power bank installed and it depends on the laptop left in sleep mode to charge your gadgets. You can also listen to music on your way. This makes it a practical accessory to be on the road with always.


1. Multiple Pockets for Increased Space

The backpack measures 19x14x8.6 with extra functional pockets. It has multiple compartments made of padded sleeves to fit laptops or MacBook. They allow orderliness and organization as you keep your items in order. It features a design that allows iPhones, pens, Ipad, keys, wallets, water bottle, books, clothes, and passports among other things.

2. TSA Friendly

The design allows you to open it wide (up to 180 degrees) to help you empty it. This is convenient when undergoing a frisking exercise by the TSA when traveling. Security inspections do not have to be a long tedious process anymore. It creates awkwardness and wastes time too.

3. Quality Material

The 40L is made of durable, quality material to make it last longer. The high density polyester fabric is water resistant and withstands scratches too. This helps to ensure you have the longest time to use the backpack without the need for changing.

4. Security Features

The backpack comes with strong zippers arranged appropriately to avoid unauthorized access. The design allows hiding the zippers to improve the safety of the contents by delaying the opening except for the owner.

5. Comfortable

The padded design with mesh makes it breathable and comfortable to use for a long time on your back. It promotes circulation through the use of mesh. The heavily padded shoulder straps are not only soft on the body but also honeycomb breathable material. You can wear the bag and walk long distances without feeling overwhelmed by the weight. Both sides of the shoulder strap have a lanyard design to allow hanging sunglasses and other relevant pendants depending on the user. You may also use the small and insidious pocket on the shoulder straps to hold small documents such as the credit card, ID card, or other vital small documents



  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • Strong and durable
  • Tech-sensitive
  • High security features like strong zippers
  • Attractive design
  • One year warranty

40L Laptop Backpack

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This laptop backpack proves the evolution of the backpack over time. Technology advancement has led to the introduction of equally advanced accessories to match the new devices. The laptop backpack comes with increased technology to...

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