Full hd cloudwalker 4k led tv – good and impressive value for money

The immersive experience gotten from watching television cannot be compared with the experience of using smartphones for videos. Televisions do the job well, after all that is the one job they’ve got.


Advancements in technology has resulted in the upgrades of televisions to include HD, full HD and 4K HDR quality content. Most of these topnotch features have previously been limited to high-end television producers such as Samsung and LG. However, the emergence of budget-point televisions offering these features has become a game-changer in how content are consumed. Enter- Cloudwalker.


The Mumbai-based electronics company with their recent addition of the 50SFX2 have proven a point that 4K viewing on a large screen should be a luxury that can be afforded by any home. It is supported by a firm base and can either be mounted on the wall or on the table, whichever way suits you.


The 50-inch screen surrounded by a beautiful black border blends effortlessly with the living room and it has a minimal finish, not looking all cheap like most other screens around the same price. It is the first TV out of India that allows 4K viewing on full HD Smartpanel. Though it has a display of 1920×1080p and that technically means it doesn’t allow direct access to 4K streaming.  However, the way around that is to transfer 4K videos to a USB file. This is made possible through the h.265 playback feature, an important addition to the budget television.  The display allows four view modes, energy saving, vivid, movie and standard.  To get the best of color richness, it is best to leave it on vivid.

Full hd cloudwalker 4k led tv – good and impressive value for money


This smart TV has an 8 bit VS panel, runs on android 7.0 nougat (AOSP) and is powered by quad-core ARM cortex processor and Mali 450 GPU which is good enough for such budget TV.  Its ability to handle mp4 file and 4K video by content upscaling make it a worthy competitor for budget 4K ready smart TVs.


It features 3 HDMI ports, 2 USB ports (however, one of the ports is permanently taken by the dongle of the air muse remote control), 1GB of RAM and 8GB of ROM. It seamlessly allows video streaming and watching either via Wi-Fi, USB drive or DVD input. It also provides a wired Ethernet option.


The user-interface is quite interactive and allows an in-depth immersion for users with its simple card-style arrangement and ease of access.


The 20W sound output is loud and clear enough for use in a large room. It can even get too loud in a small room. It doesn’t get all jarred at loud volumes but works best at around 40-50 level.


The 50SFX2 television provides a decent viewing experience for day-to-day use and comes with its own app store, from which to get quality playable content.


If you’re looking to get the amazing experience of a full HD ready smart TV with 4K viewing option, from a tight budget, the cloudwalker 50SFX2 provides all the nifty features at a decent price-point.