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What Next For TV?

Today I want to talk to you guys about TV. No not about the ending of Game of Thrones or if they should reboot Lost, but the actual TV itself. I have always been a bit of a TV nerd. As a matter of fact, I am so crazy about this that I like to have a new TV every four years (for each World Cup) something that drives my wife insane.

With this constant influx of TV’s into my house, I have had all the fads. Heck, I still remember dropping a crazy amount of money on my first HDTV that was not even 1080p! If you like to keep up to date about what is going on in the world of TVs there appear to be two big things in the world of TV’s right now.

4K! Is what some of you are shouting at your screen I bet. Well, that is not the case, the TV I currently have is a Samsung 4K TV and I am pretty happy with it. 4K though appears to be old news before it even really caught on with the masses. 8K is already being touted as the way of the future!

As much as I love my new TV’s I am having a hard time imaging the human eye can see that much difference between 4K and 8K. 4K the first time you see it is jaw-dropping. As I have had my current 4K TV for around a year now though I would have to say the 4K shine has worn off a bit and this is just the way TV is for me now.

What I am very interested in is what Samsung is doing with their recent and upcoming TV’s and that is QLED. That is right I said QLED not OLED. As I write this Samsung are the only people who are embracing QLED technology in their TVs. OLED appears to be the standard on budget and high-end TVs right now, but I think QLED sounds very interesting.

If you want to know what QLED stands for it stands for quantum dot light emitting diode and it is seen as the next evolution of OLED. OLED is great and if you have an OLED TV, I am sure you are happy with it. QLED though is building on what makes OLED so great. The big thing that sounds awesome about QLED is the blacks and the colors.

OLED is great when it comes to blacks and the contrast. QLED is keeping that, but it is aiming to bring a higher level of brightness and colors. It sounds very exciting and while I think that 4K HDR already is pretty sweet. I am very interested to see a TV that has super deep blacks along with very vibrant colors. This for me is the next evolution of TV.

I know for some people they are perfectly happy with their standard 1080P HD TV that they bought in a supermarket for a couple of hundred bucks and that is great. I will say that many of the budget priced TVs these days are far better than they were a decade ago.

Those of us who like the latest technology in their TVs though are no doubt looking very carefully at how this QLED thing plays out. I am not sure if I am going all in on 8K any time soon. But when it is time for my next TV, I think QLED is the way to go. Of course, TV technology has been moving so fast there could be something completely new by then!

What Next For TV?

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Today I want to talk to you guys about TV. No not about the ending of Game of Thrones or if they should reboot Lost, but the actual TV itself. I have always been a...