Smart Ultra HD Panasonic LED TV Review

You’re looking to buy a TV and you don’t know what specs to look out for, or you see all these specs and you do not know what to do with them. Everyone tells you the TV is perfect but you want to know if you’re about to get your money’s worth and be rest assured you’re not wasting your time by looking to but this particular product. So here are a few tips on what specifications you want to look out for while buying a TV;


First, Screen resolution, yes, just like your phone. A resolution describes how well defined the smallest detail in the scene would be. The higher the resolution, the better. But for your TV, you do not want to go lesser than a 4k resolution. The 4k resolution TVs are recent and have better aesthetics as compared to the popular full HD or 1929*1080 resolution. While on the other part, the ultra HDs or the 4k resolution are quickly becoming the set standard for views.

Smart Ultra HD Panasonic LED TV Review, theater-like experience at a reasonable price


Secondly, you want to get a smart TV, by smart I mean, one that can access the internet, access apps like Netflix and other online viewing apps.


You also want to get a warranty for on your TV especially if it’s an OLED or a LED TV. Also, you want a TV with at least 40Hz refresh rate. The refresh rate describes how much time it’s going to take a picture to load on your screen.


You also want to least three ports on your TV, this might look less important but the moment you begin to make use of all the functions on your TV, you would realize how important this is.


Alright, now that you know what to look for in your TV, why should you buy the Panasonic LED TV TH-55FX800D?


Let’s view its specs first


Resolution: 4k- 3840 *2160

Refresh rate: 60Hz

HDR support: Yes

Wi-Fi: yes

Panel size: 55 and 65 inch

HDMI ports: 4

USB ports: 3

Bluetooth: yes

Panel type: IPS LED


These features are just mind blowing. It’s well built and slim, about 5.4cm thick. There are ports to the side and back of the TV, which makes it easy for you to make use of your cables without having to break them. Picture quality is top notch. They are bright and defined. It also has internet access, allows you access apps like Netflix and Xbox one X, with the 4K HDR content, your viewing is bound to be theater-like.


The TV has two 10W speakers that makes conversations you listen to loud and clear with much less bass. This makes the sound very comforting to the ears. The remote control is functional and easy to use. The user interface (UI) is also something to look forward to. It’s simple, easy to navigate and has all the apps listed.


The Panasonic LED TV TH-55FX800D is one of the best TVs you could get. All these specs come at an affordable price of  Rs1, 65, 000. With at least a 4 months warranty. This is bound to be a great choice if you do decide to go for it.