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How To Look After Your Tablet

It is pretty safe to assume that my households these days have a few tablets in them. There are so many affordable tablets on the market these days I would bet that some house even has “spare” tablets in a drawer or closet somewhere.

If you have a higher end, high tech or even if you just have a ton of awesome stuff on your tablet. You want to make sure you are looking after it right. Today we are looking at how to look after your tablet properly. You do this and you will get many years of use out of your tablet.

Check What Permission Apps Need

Check What Permission Apps Need

The first tip to looking after your tablet is about watching out what the apps you download are going to do. Case in point, I downloaded a stopwatch app for my Samsung tablet and it said it needed access to my contacts and photos… why on earth does a stopwatch app need that? Always be vigilant with what you are downloading as some apps can mess with your tablet. Most of the time it is harmless, but there are some more insidious apps out there.

Cover It Up

I know that some protective cases for your tablet can make them all bulky and ugly, but there is sure to be one out there that fits your style. You can get ones that are made of solid rubber for the kids and these are great. I like ones that have a flap which covers the screen when you are not using it. Not only does this protect against scratches it also prevents dust from getting all over the screen.

Cover Your Tablet

Do Not Ignore The Updates

I know that some devices feel like they need updating every other day, but keeping your tablet up to date is the best way to keep it protected. Many apps (as well as the actual device itself) will release updates that help improve the security of them so do not ignore the updates you always get. If it helps set your device so that it auto updates the device and the apps during the early hours of the morning.

Lock Your Tablet Up

Lock Your Tablet Up

Here is a story. When my son was two, I used to let him mess around on my tablet. He would play simple games on it. One game was this Skylanders game and he somehow managed to buy 20 bucks worth of stuff in the game! Always have your tablet so that it needs a password before you buy something.

I know this is an extra step, but if you have kids or if you take your tablet out of the house to work or on the bus for example. Having passwords for your device and your app can prevent people from getting on it in the first place and also from buying or downloading stuff.

Tablet stand

Stand Up!

This kind of ties into what I was talking about in regards to getting a cover for your tablet. Some covers will double up as a stand too which is neat. We have all been guilty of using books, a bottle of Pepsi or something else to “stand” out tablet up so we can watch something. This is a bad idea as it is so easy for it to fall or slide this way. Tablet stands are dirt cheap these days and as I said, you can get some cases that also work as a stand.



How To Look After Your Tablet

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It is pretty safe to assume that my households these days have a few tablets in them. There are so many affordable tablets on the market these days I would bet that some house even...

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