Five Things You Need To Know Before Buying Netbooks

“Hey, what’s that? It’s so handy!” It is what my friends often say when I operate my netbook at public places. They feel it is easy to carry, put aside a backpack, even a purse will do. Some others will comment on the color and model as it caught their eyes at first sight.

Five things you need to know before buying netbooks

Another reason is, they deliver value for price and portability. The mini bulk allows people to carry it, almost anywhere they want. It means less energy-consuming and long battery life.

Factories realize the golden opportunity; as a result, they sell a double digit in quantity annually (in millions). They deliver numerous types consistently. Therefore, you may get perplexed which one is the best to fulfill your demand. Sit back and relax, we will share five things you need to know before you get a new netbook.

Netbooks’s value for price

Let’s check them out.

  • Fund or need

You follow the budget or need. When you follow the budget, it means you have a specific price range. When you choose the latter, cash is not your concern. You will buy what you need no matter the price is.

  • Specifications

Bear in mind that netbooks are designed for simple operation like typing, web surfing and email. If you want a higher spec, for example: simple editing videos or pictures, then you need to sacrifice the battery life. Some elements you can think of are: RAM, GPU, processor, Hard Disk Drive, screen size, battery life, and weight and software version. Decide your priorities, choose your price range and get the best specs available.


  • Brand

It doesn’t mean we prioritize a particular brand. We are thinking about the quality, durability and after sales service. Probably you save a few bucks less and get better specs. But, in the long run, opting for a reputable brand will guarantee aftersales service, technical support, easy software updates, and device drivers. If you are a good negotiator negotiation, you may get a discount or extra bonuses like a free headset or wireless Bluetooth.


  • Prepare for additional hardware

Netbooks come with no DVD drive. If most of your data saved in DVDs or CDs, then get a USB DVD Drive. A USB DVD drive becomes essential when you plan to re-install your netbook operating system.

Netbooks should be portable

Netbooks should designed for simple operations


  • Review

When it comes to electronics and hi-tech device, the reading review is a must. Even the same brand will have different advantages and disadvantages. By reading a good review, you know their strengths and weaknesses through users’ experience. Something you will never get in a user guide.

In addition, you need to get your hands on the netbook you plan to buy. The smaller screen is the main reason, especially for the low budget models. Next, have a test drive on the keyboard as the size is reduced. Check the button size, comfortability, smoothness and build quality. Finally, their less size, long-life battery, and high portability make netbooks the winners for mobile people.