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Why do people love Macs?

Let’s face it you are either an Apple person or you are not. I have been an Apple fan for years since my parents got a cool see-through Mac back when I was in high school. Then came my first iPod and I have been part of the Apple train since then. However, my wife swears that Apple products are a pain to use, restrictive and Overpriced.

Macs are better than PCs

I today thought that I would have some fun by looking at why so many people like myself are willing to overlook the high price tag of Apple products. Perhaps I can even make you Apple haters rethink your stance and take another look at what Apple is offering.

Let’s get the obvious thing out of the way first, the price. Yes, Apple products are on the expensive side, but you do get a lot of value when you buy a Mac or a MacBook. I have always found that Apple products are made to last. I have a slightly older MacBook that has certainly had more than its fair share of drops and that thing is still working like a champ.

The way that Apple always update their Macs is great. I know that some people get sick of their devices always doing updates, but Apple updates 99/100 tend to be useful and make your machine better. While they may dump older iPhones, Apple actually does a good job in supporting older versions of Mac OS for many years.

I think one of the things that really makes me an Apple fanboy (and many other people too) is the presentation. Sure, it has nothing to do with how the Mac or MacBook actually functions. But let’s face it when it comes to great looking tech, Apple is head and shoulders above the rest of the competition and this has been the case for years now.

If you are a person who likes their tech to have some serious style to it, Apple is for you. There is no cooler or sleeker looking laptop than one of the MacBook’s that Apple offer. Also, I have a MacBook, iPhone and also an older Mac and I have all of these devices linked with my one Apple account and the whole thing is pretty seamless.

I am a huge fan of Apple OS and I think that some people have a hard time ditching Windows for this. I am not saying there is anything wrong at all with Windows. I just really like how easy Apple makes it for me to take all of my stuff, contacts and whatever from one device to the next.


This is something that I feel many other companies (including Microsoft) have tried to do and none have done it as well as Apple. If you have an iPhone that is your life, I really do think that you owe it to yourself to make your next computer purchase a Mac or a MacBook as you will love how easy it is to sync everything.

I know that the biggest stumbling block for people when it comes to a MacBook or a Mac is the price and that is one thing, I have a hard time arguing against. What I can say is that while Mac’s and MacBook’s are on the higher end of the pricing spectrum, you are getting some great tech for your money.



Why do people love Macs?

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Let’s face it you are either an Apple person or you are not. I have been an Apple fan for years since my parents got a cool see-through Mac back when I was in high...