MacBook Air 2018: The Right Tech With All Overdue Improvements

The new Apple MacBook Air release may not be as splashy as the introduction of the original MacBook Air back in 2008, but it is everything and more that Apple fans were expecting in terms of upgrades. In short, it is the right tech with a number of overdue improvements. It does everything that you would expect the MacBook Air to do, and in a way that fits in perfectly with recent changes to the Apple tech ecosystem.

MacBook Air 2018: The Right Tech with All Overdue Improvements

In terms of overall improvements, the obvious place to start is with the Retina display, which now offers a sharp and beautiful picture quality with 2560 x 1600 pixels. This Retina display means that you can now stream video or watch movies in amazing clarity. Thus, the new Apple MacBook Air release solves one of the most vexing problems that even Apple enthusiasts admit was one of the only drawbacks of the MacBook Air – a screen quality that seemed to be par for the course, instead of truly amazing. That being said, it still is not a touchscreen, because the MacOS is not designed to work with touch.

Another long overdue improvement is the addition of Touch ID. This makes it possible to log in to the MacBook Air with just a fingerprint. And, as you’d expect from Apple, the process is fast and accurate. The new MacBook Air also comes with a T2 security chip, which powers Touch ID, as well as a number of other security features.


It’s also important to highlight the larger trackpad of the MacBook Air. This might not seem like a huge difference maker at first, but it helps to address one of the common complaints about older models of the MacBook Air. It’s still not quite as large as the trackpad on the MacBook Pro but is clearly designed to make this laptop more of an everyday workhorse.

And, of course, the MacBook Air completely delivers on the Apple promise when it comes to building quality. Every aspect of the MacBook Air – starting with the sturdy aluminum shell – seems to be designed with the Apple design aesthetic in mind.

That being said, what are the drawbacks of the MacBook Air? Other than a screen display that never gets super bright, and the lack of a significant speed upgrade from previous versions of the MacBook Air, it’s hard to find any real flaws in this Apple MacBook Air release. Apple seems to have addressed all the little issues – including battery life – when designing this newest version of the MacBook Air.

Perhaps the only question facing Apple fans is whether they should opt for the new MacBook Air or the MacBook Pro. After all, for just a little bit more, they can get a more powerful MacBook Pro. In short, choosing between this Apple MacBook Air release and existing MacBooks is perhaps not as easy as it should be – but that says a lot about just how good this new MacBook Air is.

The final verdict: the new Apple MacBook Air release brings some long overdue improvements (especially the new Retina display and improved trackpad) and is a suitable option for both work and entertainment.