Follow the steps and learn how to connect iphone to tv

The iPad and iPhone are amazing media players, yet everyone likes to see on a big screen a video at times. A 10-inch screen is not convincing sometimes, fortunately, there are ways to please yourself by watching the same on your TV and to enjoy a bigger-screen media. However, you must know how to connect iPhone to TV.


Follow the steps and learn how to connect iphone to TV

Connect with an HDMI Cable


The easiest way to your TV through your iPhone or even from an iOS device is that you may use on your TV the HDMI port and you need:


  • HDMI cable
  • Adapter to connect your device to the HDMI cable


Apple adapters are available, it is expensive, but the best recommended. Buying Apple products for iPhone is the best, but you may pick some adapter from Amazon, if you wish to save money. Ensure it supports HDCP, High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection.


Tip: The streaming providers use an anti-pirating measure, the HDCP. In case the adapter fails to support the protocol, playing content is impossible from services such as HBO Now and Netflix.


If you have the TV adapter and the HDMI cable, follow these steps:


  • Connect the HDMI cable one end to your TV
  • The other end should be connected to the adapter
  • Plug adapter on your device into the Lightning port


If you wish to charge your device as you are using it, plug to the USB one end of a Lightning or the Dock Connector to the adapter second port and plug into a power source the other end. Switch on your TV to the HDMI input.


Connect with AirPlay and Apple TV


Connect your iPhone easily to your TV with Apple TV and using the AirPlay Apple’s wireless protocol, if you want it wireless. It will stream directly the content on TV. Follow the steps:


  • Make sure your Apple TV and iPhone have same Wi-Fi network
  • Open your iOS device Control Center on. On any iPhone but for iPhone X, swipe up from the screen bottom. On iPhone X, from the right notch swipe down.
  • Tap the AirPlay button. (It is a triangle pointing a rectangle.)
  • From the list select your Apple TV.


Connect with a Roku Streaming Player


iPad and iPhone users can connect in a few ways wirelessly to a Roku. Follow these steps:


  • Ascertain Your Roku device and iPhone are linked to same Wi-Fi network.
  • Tap on the Cast button by selecting from the list the Roku device
  • Choose ‘Play on Roku’ on the Roku app.


You must download to your iOS device the mobile app of Roku, launch the app, from the navigation button in the app, and choose photos+ option and select media to share on the Roku.