Is It Worth Buying A Smartwatch?

Did you know that the desire for a smartwatch has been around for quite some time? Apple was surprised to find out that when they released their iPod Nano device. People were buying straps and attaching it to their wrist! So, there has been a desire for a “second screen” kind of device for quite some while.

While thanks to the current Apple watch and the Samsung Watch, people are getting more into these. My wife actually got one of the first-generation Samsung watches many years ago (I think it was around the time of the S4 or S5) and that thing sounded like a great idea, but the tech and soft wear was not quite there yet so it ended up not being used a whole lot.

Samsung Galaxy Watch

A new Samsung Watch though is a different story. As is the case with the new Apple Watch. These things are much more powerful and have far better battery life. My wife actually ended up getting a free Samsung Watch, the latest model so I have been testing it out all this week.

First thing, it looks pretty cool. I really like how at a glance you cannot tell it is not a proper watch and it does have a few different watch faces on it to choose from. Also, it is really neat how you can use it to access pretty much everything that is on your phone. A great example of this happened in the morning I am writing this.

I was in the gym, Samsung watch on my arm and my phone in my bad which was on a peg on the wall. I got a text from my sons’ school and I was able to check it out without having to 1, go to my phone or 2 have my phone in my pocket or next to me. It does not sound like much, but it is pretty darn convenient to be able to check out a quick text message, email or whatever without getting your phone out. You can do calls on this, but I am not sure that is for me as it made me feel like I was Inspector Gadget, but hey it is there if you need it.

For the ladies who keep their phone in their bags all the time (phones in pockets certainly seems to be a male thing), this is going to be really handy. So, I must admit having a smartwatch is way more convenient than I actually thought it would be and now I have to come up with a way to convince my wife to let me keep this.

Apple Watch

You see as much as I like this current generation of smartwatch. You are looking at a few hundred bucks! There are much cheaper ones on the market, but in all honesty, I am not sure I would even bother with one of those. I do also have to wonder about the durability of these things as I know for a fact that smartwatch repairs (especially the Apple Watch) are very expensive.

If the Apple Watch and the Samsung Watch or some other kind of higher end smartwatch can get that price down to around the 100 bucks mark. I really do think that these will take off. I must admit I was way more impressed with this than I actually thought I would be.