How To Get The Best Picture On Your 4K TV

The first time you see a 4K TV it is a pretty amazing site. It can actually take you a little while to get used to the picture of a 4K TV as it can be a pretty huge upgrade to what you were using before. As great as a 4K TV is though, you might be surprised to know that in order to get the best picture you have to do a little bit of work.

Do not worry though, it is not that hard to do and a simple change of one of the settings most of the time can get you the perfect picture.


The Fab 4

Most 4K TV’s will have four base settings for you to choose from.

best picture settings for 4k tv

Cinema/Movie: Most 4K TVs are made with this mode here being the best out of the box. This is made by looking like the movie makers intended. It offers the best base picture experience and this is the setting that most people should have their TV on.

Sports: Sports mode is a staple on most 4K TVs, but this is more designed for busy places like bars. It is hard to explain, but the way this mode works is that it exaggerates certain colors (most notably the field) and it gives the sound a boost to try and make it sound like a stadium.

Game: The idea of game mode is that it cuts down on the latency when gaming. In all honesty, game mode is not great. It flat out tells you the image quality will be worse and most 4K TV’s when using HDR mode has next to no latency anyway.

Vivid/Dynamic: No matter what one of these names your TV calls it, avoid it. This ramps up the brightness and contrast to max and it is designed for showrooms so that it captures your eyes. Yes, it is very bright, but you lose a lot of detail.

4k tv Fine Tuning

Tinker With The Settings

All 4k TV’s have a lot of settings for you to play with and the way they are set out will differ from TV to TV. These are handy if one of the default settings is lacking in a certain department. For example, you might like movie mode, but want it to be just a little brighter. Well, you can go in and change the brightness setting.

Some 4K TV’s will have base settings for things brightness and contrast. Then there will be a more advanced menu where you can play with the judder settings, gamma and more. These are not for novices, but there will be an option to reset the settings if you change things and do not like it.

The Fab 4

Fine Tuning

If you really want to get super nerdy and get the perfect image for you there are a couple of rather easy ways that you can do this. First is to get an image that you know very well. This can be a movie poster or even a photo of the family that you are very familiar with. Put this onto a USB memory stick and then put it onto the TV. Now as you know this image so well, you can play with the settings to get the image just right.

Also, you can but these discs online that are designed to help you calibrate your TV the best way possible. These can cost between 20 to 30 bucks and if you are not too confident in messing with the settings. This kind of disc is perfect for you as it makes it very easy and helps you get the best out of your 4K TV.