Google Lens implements for Android and iOS devices new filters

Google rolled out new filters for local search for iOS. Google with its new version includes more filters offering the ease of local search. The new filters are ‘Top Rated’ and ‘Open Now’ and it can now turn within the app on Gboard. Google keyboard first designed for iOS devices and for the Android so that searching and sending information is possible, besides emojis and GIFs.


More support

Google is offering more support as an addition for AMP (accelerated mobile pages). With the iTunes update, more webpages can be loaded instantly.  All you have to do is look for a lightning bolt and on the search results ‘AMP’ and you are sure to enjoy webpage fast loading.


Google announced Lens app and there will be improvement involving Lens filters in both Android and iOS. A new set will be rolled as translation and dining filters to Google Lens to facilitate Android and iOS smartphone users and it will support ARCore. The new filters can be availed in the Google Photos, Google Assistant, and Google search apps by accessing the Lens.

Google keyboardGoogle LensGoogle filters 

Google Lens

Pixel phones or Pixel phone users already have the Google Lens directly implemented in the camera app. However the new filters in the lens are surely going to help the users.


  • The translation filter allows Google Lens to snap a sign or a picture that is in foreign language and it can be translated. This feature is already there through Google Translate app, embedded into Lens as a lighter version.
  • The dining filter allows pointing a menu and the Lens will display popular dishes or even give you detail of the food in-depth with the restaurant photos in the Google Maps.

Google claims both new filters to be compatible to Android and iOS devices and will be available on all other devices shortly.


Google is also rolling a feature for spam protection. Some are having and not everyone. This change is believed to be from the server-side and will be rolled out for a limited time. As it hits your device there will be a notification about the launching as its basic communication to its users.


Google filters enable to disable or enable spam in messages app by going to settings- Advanced-Spam protection. Activate the spam protection feature and exit.