Google Maps is rolling out new speedometer feature to Maps

Google is very busy with Google Maps updating. The latest feature is a speedometer on the Google map showing how much you are speeding. The speed is reported to you by Android police.


Why Google Speedometer?

Of course, there is a speedometer in your car, but it means you have to see it in a glance. It is double the work to check on the direction at the app on Google Map and you will have to dart your eyes forth on the road and back to the Map app. It means rolling eyes between the dashboard and app.


Google is rolling out in Maps the speedometer so that your eyes can see the app for both direction and speed. If you do not have it right now, be patient. Keep checking the settings of Maps app to know if you have received the latest speedometer on your map. In fact, the speed camera trap helps you to report a traffic jam or an incident.


Turn on Google’s latest features

For the speedometer

  • Open the app of Google Maps.
  • Tap on 3-stacked lines and roll down to your screen bottom.
  • Select settings
  • Click on Navigation settings
  • Scroll to the menu of the driving option and slide for Speedometer the toggle. If you are unable to see the feature, it means the new feature is not received by you.


Report -speed camera trap

  • Open Google Maps app
  • Type the destination and report in navigation mode the speed camera.
  • Hit the icon featuring a plus sign, the icon for the speech bubble.
  • Choose Mobile speed camera.
  • ‘Adding a mobile speed camera to map’ a pop-up message appears
  • You can cancel in a few seconds if you do not wish to report by tapping the circle to ‘Undo’.


Incognito mode Google Maps

Report an incident, a traffic jam or a car crash

  • Open Google maps app
  • Type the destination to begin navigating so that you get to report incidents. This is possible only if the mode is in navigation.
  • On the road, you see and wish to report, hit the icon with plus sing for the speech bubble.
  • Tap to ‘Add a report’.
  • Select ‘Crash/traffic jam’ on the message appearing on the map. Click on ‘Undo’ if you cancel sending it.