Comprehend how 5G networks is bringing a new wave of efficiency

From the very first mobile to 4G LTE, there has been a lot of changes in a few decades in the telecommunications industry. In fact, four generations or G’s have taken place quickly. Now, the fifth generation is poised to break and is promising 100 to 1000 times 4G LTE speed. It implies downloading a movie in full-length may take a few seconds. Importantly, 5G will be ultra-efficient devices internet-connected.


Sprint and Verizon networks

The next big thing is 5G promises faster speeds download 2x to 10x. This technology is rolling out across the world on carriers.  It is a little wonder you require tracking. The Speedtest popular maker, Ookla offers a map of 5G coverage, providing a detailed look at 5G networks that are given place from a network and if the network coverage is available commercially or is limited.


Verizon and Sprint are over peak data speeds battle and about covering wider areas. AT&T has hotspots network but is not tested.  On the other hand, England, Switzerland, and South Korea have launched 5G. Japan is out building towers and is fraught about Huawei providing the Russias largest operator the 5G equipment, while China is handing out licenses.


The 5G Race

The 5G race may mean nothing seriously until it is available on your phone live. However, it is of importance to countries and networks. 5G represents the economic growth, business future, and innovation. This is because it is about more data speeds and a lot more. The spectrum of 5G will include even self-driving cars doing the talking part on the road to the real-time gaming that will be crystal clear and digital surgery to video calls.


Using Ookla map to track 5G

  • Navigate from any browser to
  • Drag the map to know the country you are interested in.
  • Click the bubble to see the 5G covered areas and the network location.
  • Zoom the map using the + control and again click the bubble to get detailed information. If you find multiple cities with an active 5G network across a country from various networks, you will have to zoom in the map to find in the specific cities the specific locations.


5G network hounds may take to @Ookla5GMap Twitter account to track the map of 5g networks to get real-time updates.